The Quest for XP (Quick Hit) – Battlefield 3: Vehicular Defence On Kharg Island Rush

The Kharg Island map is an open bay based on a real life island in the Persian Gulf off of the Coast of Iran.The Map itself was part of the Back to Karkand DLC the first released by Dice for BF3. The set up is the American Forces are launched from the USS Essex and with an amphibious insertion they bring with them a heavy Vehicle presence in the shape of an LAV, Amtrac an A-10 Thunderbolt and most threatening to ground troops a AH-1Z Viper attack helicopter. Their goal is the removal of M-COM stations based around the island. The first two being on the beach where this defensive strategy comes into its own. The Russian side is the defensive force and they will be the focus of this piece.

This tip is useful if your team does not have air superiority and if the helicopter is using IR flares.

Needs a squad of at least two to complete and the use of one of the most useful yet seemingly  underused pieces of equipment the SOFLAM and the Javelin. If you can use two engineers and two snipers then all the better but that will remove a lot of players from the ground defence so looking at what else your team is doing is advisable.

The SOFLAM or Special operations forces laser marker is equipped from the Recon class and its main purpose is to designate targets for laser guided missiles to lock on to more quickly. The SOFLAM is unlocked at 26000 Recon score and is available in Gadget slot 1. When you designate a target you get a small XP bonus and a warning siren goes off in the enemy vehicle, this in itself can be an effective tool as the distraction can be enough to ward a chopper off of a strafing run.

The Javelin is available to the engineer class, its unlocked at 82000 points and is a highly effective anti vehicle weapon. Its major downfall is it can not lock onto air support and this makes it less effective. But when used in conjunction with the SOFLAM you have a weapon that is effective against vehicles in the air, sea and on land.

The set up is –

Player 1: Sniper with Flak as their squad or personal attachment gives the player or squad some extra protection against explosives. Weapon of choice usually a long range sniper rifle with an 8x or 12x scope will help you spot and as you are sitting back will also be useful for picking off enemy troops and of course the SOFLAM as the equipment choice.

Player 2: Engineer class with Explosives as their squad or personal attachment this gives 2 extra rockets giving more freedom to move around the map. Weapon choice is free but obviously attach the Javelin from the first gadget slot.

*A quick aside if there are only two in your squad or other players are not playing ball. The engineer should start off as a Support player find where he can have a good view of the bay and drop an ammo crate commit suicide and respawn as the Engineer this allows you to resupply your missiles and keep up your rain of missiles.

How it works.

The sniper goes up onto a ridge I personally prefer the central ridge just in front of the M-COM deploy your SOFLAM aim it towards the ship and retire to a place of safety. The SOFLAM has two modes it can work remotely meaning the player can be no where near it and still control it or it works autonomously picking up random vehicles. This is where communication with your squadmate becomes really important as if a chopper is making life difficult I will sacrifice kills with the rifle and control the SOFLAM to designate the offending Viper or land based vehicle allowing my squad mate an easier kill. Remember the sniper will get extra XP when a target is designated as well as when its destroyed. I will say the person with the Javelin will get a lot higher score but sometimes in the game the victory comes first. Also the next time you play just swap roles and the XP will roll in.

The Engineer Needs to find a slightly elevated position away from the SOFLAM with a good line of sight of the Bay. His job is to help the sniper spot any extra vehicles or communicate with the sniper about the chopper and of course get a tonne of vehicle destroys and reap the XP downpour that will inevitably follow. The SOFLAM makes the javelin pick targets up a lot quicker and as previously stated makes the javelin into an anti air weapon.

The technique is useful in any Vehicle heavy map like Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm. It can help give the Infantry an advantage over armoured divisions and is well worth a try. This technique is very difficult to apply to jets as they move too quickly and the SOFLAM only has a range of 500 metres but you can get the odd jet kill but I would say do not waste time trying to chase the jets.

Give this a go the next time you try one of these maps and get some XP as well as those Anti vehicle medals which remember are another great way of gaining extra XP.

See you on the Battlefield.

Paul Fiander

aka Wellbeingosteo

Pictures courtesy of Google Images.


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