The Quest for XP – Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Expansion Pack

Battlefield 3`s close quarters DLC is a XP Hunters dream. The number of confrontations you have when compared to any other map including operation metro are phenomenal. A game lasting ten minutes can see you getting in the region of fifty kills easily in conquest domination. Partly this is due to the game type and partly to do with the map design. With this new style of battlefield map comes a new set of problems and opportunities to rank up so here are ten tips to help.

1. Hip firing

These maps are mostly based indoors and so the main engagement areas are very much reduced this gives hip fire a chance to reign supreme. The half second it takes to ADS using a red dot sight and longer with other sights and scopes could be enough for your enemy to fill you full of lead. So do not be afraid to look like a beginner, spraying and paying could save your life. To make the hip fire more accurate applying the laser to guns will give you extra accuracy with this type of firing but still go burst instead of full auto to really drop those would be killers. In the opposite direction avoid the Heavy barrel as this will decrease your hip fire accuracy.

2. Spotting

Spotting is one of the most useful tools in battlefield 3 and it seems to have become a forgotten tool in this expansion pack. Spotting both enemies and more importantly equipment is a great way to stay alive and help with the XP gathering. In conquest domination people have a wonderful habit of littering the points with C4 wait for a cap to start and then claim a number of easy kills. I have mixed feelings about this equipment spotting is a mechanic of the game so these deaths are easily avoidable if you play the game in the right way. On the other side of the coin it feels a very cheap way to get a bloody lot of kills without much effort. So to counter it before you get to a flag do a couple of seconds of spotting and then lob a grenade in if those markers show up. Using the squad frag ability can be very useful here as it allows you to have multiple grenades to clear the flag if needed.

3. Recon in CQB

The recon is generally that lone gunman sitting on a hill getting some lovely headshots and then going  5 and 0 not really helping anyone. But for me aggressive sniping is so much more fun and these maps allow for this type of gameplay. The SKS and newly added M417 are amazing tools for the job, as well as Dice adding greater stopping ability to the snipers at close range making all the other main guns a viable option for the confrontations you may find yourself in. The other thing to remember is even though the majority of situations will be close range you can also find areas where a long-range weapon will be useful like on the roofs of Scrapmetal.

The Recons most effective tool in these maps is the TUG. It’s a great piece of equipment that can be used in both offensive or defensive strategies. If you are holding a point drop your TUG close by before going in search of other flags to cap. This will then show your team anyone coming near that point. Also if the point its lost on your return to cap you will not have to waste time deploying the TUG leaving yourself defenseless for a few seconds. Even though the TUG can be used as an offensive tool and it can be very good at this, it it’s based on picking up movement and so leaves campers with the freedom to go unnoticed. This is where learning your in-game opponents can be useful to maximize the use of your kits. So if your up against a team who like to capture a point and then camp to protect it think about using the TUG in a defensive manner.

4. High ground

All the maps have an element of vertically to them and this can give you a major advantage in most engagements. The higher ground is usually associated with some element of cover limiting the available target area for your enemy. It can also be used as a good over-watch position especially the middle courtyard in Ziba Tower as it is the main thoroughfare between flag A & B, This allows you to get kills and also to spot for your team mates. There are two points of attack from the two balcony’s either side but it can be defended with a communicative team. There are points like this located in every map in this pack and this advantage should not be over looked. When attacking someone in this position grenades can be helpful as they have limited space to run and that’s where squad flax can come in very handy if you decide to use this tactic.

5. Safest route not always the quickest route

All of the rooms within the maps have multiple entrances. This allows you to use the best distance for your chosen engagement. If you are running a long-range weapon stick to the longer corridors as this range will give you an advantage over people running SMG’s and Shotguns. This obviously works in reverse to. The ability to one shot an enemy with a shotgun is extremely useful but if you are down a hallway it’s not going to happen for you. This is where Map knowledge again trumps all as if you know your routes well enough you can make all the weapons effective within each map.

6. EOD bot kill

This is one of the trickier assignments to complete but the reward is worth it. By killing an enemy with the EOD bot and getting 200 carbine kills you unlock the M-Tar which has to be my favourite carbine in the game. The 200 Kills are easy but the EOD kill can cause trouble. I did achieve this in two games and this is my strategy. I will admit I used a game where we were winning as doing a personal assignment at the expense of a win is not something I like doing. I waited till mid way through the game and then found a secluded corner near a domination point in which to lay, at this point I unleashed my two foot tall terminator. The idea is not to try to chase people in the open instead I camped it near a flag and waited for that flag to be attacked. When most people cap they will concentrate on routes leading to the flag and rightly so. So by attacking a prone opponent from behind the flag you are able to get that kill with minimal ease. It may take a few attempts and you are usually better off attacking solo capers as they will see the drop in health but thanks to the suppression effect of being attacked most will not want to get up and run as they think they are being shot at with a suppressed weapon. It may take a few goes but that kill will come and then you can safely store the bot away until the next time Dice insert the bot into another assignment.

7. Offence is not always the best form of defence

Many players are complaining that these maps are causing players to forget about defence and just rush around like headless chickens. You also tend to find this in domination in Call of Duty. Most people seem to miss the basic idea that if you hold two flags you will be able to win as your countdown will be half the speed of your opponents. Battlefield does have the extra mechanic where deaths will also count as ticket losses but these can be managed by stopping your team from wasting lives by trying to cap a flag they do not need. A carefully planned defensive posture from a squad each using a separate kit can allow you to hold a position for most of the game. By making use of all the abilities from revives to re-supplies you can defend or camp a flag till your heart’s content. This squad work will always give you XP and also bonuses so allowing you to rank up quickly.

8. Corner checks in Gun Master

This is for two reasons. Firstly the spawns although not totally erratic can on occasion drop you into a crappy situation or can drop another player just behind you. This is mostly when you have left your team and are running around in the opponents spawn area. Secondly the amount of campers sitting in corners is pretty high. It’s a solid tactic but if your smart you can easily down these players due to their lack of mobility due to the physical restrictions of the walls surrounding them and also more often than not they will be crouching or laying down. Again do not forget to use that spot as it can give you an advantage and allow you to easily keep track of where these people are.

9. Speed capping in domination

Even though the kills you can rack up in conquest domination are huge they are not the main source of XP in this game type. To keep people attempting to play the objective Dice has given a lovely amount of points for flag captures. 200 points for neutralising and 250 points for capturing a flag are enough of an enticement to keep a lot of players concentrating on the objective. This maybe why defence has gone out of the window because the rewards are so much higher for attack when compared to the flag defend bonus. I think this does help to create the rushing style of play that the developers wanted to see within this expansion pack. However due to the speed of captures it’s not always advisable to rush toward a flag your team is capping.  No doubt your opponents will see the loss of a flag and try to attack it so instead stop and protect the route you are taking to the flag and usually  you can gain some kill points to compensate for the lost capping XP and not end up with a bullet or two in the back.

10. Smoking in doors can be good for your health

As with any point capture game type fulfilling the objective is a dangerous pass time but well worth the rewards. This is where smoke can come in very handy using the under barrel launcher with the assault class can give you the necessary cover to be able to protect you and your squad while you’re stealing that point. The risk is that an over zealous opponent will stand just outside the smoke and use a LMG to light up the room like a Christmas tree. This is where playing smart helps laying on the floor in a low traffic area and keeping an eye on your mini can help you to spot enemies. When you have neutralised the flag shoot a second smoke grenade and this will then give you the necessary time and opportunity to high tail and run away. Due to the high amount of ambient light present in the game I have yet to see anyone use a IRNV scope this again giving you that extra protection from would be defenders.

These tips will hopefully give you a bit of boost when you start out in close quarters. As always feel free to add any tips you may have below.


See you on the Battlefield

Paul Finder

aka Wellbeingosteo

Photos courtesy of Google Images.


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