The Quest for XP Borderlands 2; The return to Finks Slaughter House

The side missions in Borderlands 2 are varied, but up to now the Waves of enemies that are unleashed upon you in Finks Slaughter house are the pinnacle of over the top craziness.

The front page shows my first experience in the chamber but with this Video I returned with some better weaponry and a bit of knowledge.

Firstly you find Fink in the Fridge. The location should be on your fast travelmatch unless you have not progressed far enough within the game to unlock the region.

Now take a look at the video and Ill point a few things out underneath.

Firstly why do I like this challenge so much. Most side quests have set levels so if you go back to them the rewards are low. Finks minions though rank up with you so if you are stuck in the story and want to level up you can come back to do another challenge to help you gain that next rank.

Fire based weapons are especially useful as the enemies you will face are all flesh based. Some of the other elemental weapons can suit as well but I prefer to BBQ their Pandoran hides.

Be careful of the bloody Rat thieves I lost more money in this round than I gained and that is a bloody annoyance, keep your distance and if they do pick you pocket hit them hard and fast for a chance to claim your loot back.

Remember to conserve Ammo there are a few barrels around and you do get the odd drop but its easy to run out of rounds with the bigger foes.

These are only a few ideas but most of all just keep on your toes and be careful not to get boxed in.

Happy Questing

Paul Fiander (wellbeingosteo)

Image from relevant PR company


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