Tritton & Tribulations

I thought that I would splash out a bit and buy myself a decent gaming headset for the gamernights and general gaming. I looked around the market at what was on offer and came across my desired headset, Tritton’s AX720. Looking around on the Amazon website i also found that a set of these were cheaper if you bought them in the Call Of Duty Black Ops collectors edition. So i clicked the button (this one click buy is a dangerous thing) and then 2 days later they arrived all fresh and new.

I managed to use them 3 times before I had issues. Now don’t get me wrong these are not issues with the Tritton headset at all, the headset is amazing. The issues are with the house dog deciding that the wire from the headset to the decoder box would become her new chew toy. I was happily playing away while chatting to NMReign and all of a sudden the volume stopped. I thought that the dog was asleep at my feet but oh no, she was nibbling through the braided wire and had severed the cable. £80 worth of headset rendered useless in a matter of minutes by a dog! Needless to say I was not the happiest bloke on the planet at that point. After a few minutes of cursing and swearing and wondering if there was a returns policy on a puppy I thought back and remembered that one of the reasons I chose the Tritton headset was because I was told about their amazing customer support. I also looked closer at the damage and realised that the damage was only on one wire that wasn’t connected to the actual headset but between the volume controls and the decoder box, a part that could be replaced and shouldn’t cost too much surely.

I jumped online and went to the Tritton website and looked through their shop of replacement parts. I was disheartened to see that there were no replacements for the part I needed and felt a sinking feeling as I imagined £80 draining away into scrap. I then decided to go to the customer support section and chat to their live support. I typed in the relevent details and then was placed into a chat box where I was able to talk to one of their customer support team. I explained the issues and which part was damaged. I explained the part in detail and that it was for a playstation 3 etc. They said no problem and that although they didn’t have a Cal Of Duty Black Ops branded cable they could however send me out a standard version. No problem I said, after all I couldn’t ask for more than to get hold of any replacement let alone a specialist branded one. The came the all important question, how much is this going to cost me to replace? Unbelievably they replied that they would send me out the replacement free of charge! I couldn’t believe it, in this day and age nothing is ever free but they repeated that I would not be charged for the replacement part. I couldn’t believe my luck so I filled out my details and they estimated that the replacement part would get to me in 7 – 10 days, not bad i thought considering most places I have seen lately ask you to wait nearer 20 – 30 days. So there I was, replacement part on its way and evetything sorted, I would be back using my headset in no time with no hassles.

Well not quite.

An unbelievable 2 days later I got a package through the door from Tritton. A replacement cable in 2 days, extremely impressive. I opened the package and pulled out the cable. Oh dear, they had sent out the wrong cable. Instead of the cable I requested they had sent out a cons cable for Xbox live! The term ‘Epic Fail’ did spring to mind. This was obviously completely useless to me so back onto Tritton’s tech support i went. Well this time was not as smooth as the first time. I tried to get to speak with their online support 3 times and each time I was disconnected. I decided to wait a while and try again. I tried a few hours later and their online support was not live and asked instead that I write out the issue and they would get back to us afterwards. So, I wrote out the issue like so,


Jedi Junkie – ticket number – #—– I have just received a replacement part through the post and im afraid to say that you have sent the wrong part out. I requested the inline cable that goes into the decoder box (6pin connector) for the AX720 headset for PS3. You have sent out a CONS 2.5mm to 3.5mm Xbox live cable. How do I get this rectified? Do i need to go through your customer support again (which will make 4th time) or is this enough? Please can you get back to me as soon as possible.


Once written out i clicked on send only to get a message stating that they recently changed from an email system to a ticket system and that I would need to contact them when they were back live. One thing that I hate more than anything is customer support asking me to write out the details and then their system is broken. If you have changed your system then take away they message asking me to write out the details! Tritton customer support was starting to lose its shiny glean for me.

The next day I decided to try again. Back to the Tritton online support. I filled out the details and waited for online response. 3 times the system timed out on me and I had to repeat the process. When I finally did get through to someone I explained the issues but the response was not forthcoming. I sat there for in total 40 minutes while the online help replied very rarely and when they did reply they made very little sense. The only thing they did say was that the part had been shipped out 2 days ago. I explained that it had arrived but it was wrong. They finally replied that the part was correctly sent out as described to which I said that if that’s the case then they have not written down the cable i needed correctly. After a few mins of silence I was disconnected. Tritton’s customer care was now falling from grace very fast! I tried again only to be timed out a further 2 times. One last try I decided before I completely lose my cool. This time I did get through and managed to get another very slow response from the other person. I explained the situation


Jedi Junkie – ticket number – #—– I have just received a replacement part through the post and im afraid to say that you have sent the wrong part out. I requested the inline cable that goes into the decoder box (6pin connector) for the AX720 headset for PS3. You have sent out a CONS 2.5mm to 3.5mm Xbox live cable. How do I get this rectified? Do I need to go through your customer support again

Tritton – your ticket was shipped out on the –th

Jedi Junkie – I received it today and it’s the wrong part. I requested an inline cable (6pin) for PS3 and received a converter for XBox.

Jedi Junkie – The cable I requested has the volume controls on it and connects to the decoder box. I was told that although you don’t have a Black Ops version to send me, you did have a normal one which I said was fine but I didn’t receive that part at all.

Tritton – You needed the inline cable?

Jedi Junkie – That’s what I was told I needed, I explained to the tech support which cable I needed and that’s what they told me the name of it was.

Jedi Junkie – Was I told the wrong name for the cable?

Jedi Junkie – Are you able to send the right cable out?

Tritton – Yes I can send you the cable.

Jedi Junkie – Excellent. Do I need to send this wrong part back before hand or are you able to just send out the right (Playstation 3) cable now?

Tritton – No you won’t have to send the cable back, I can just send you the cable out to you.

Jedi Junkie – Great, Just to be sure, I need the wire that has the volume controls on one end and the 6 pin connector on the other for the Playstation 3. If you have a Black Ops branded one then great but I am happy to receive the normal one. The model headset is the AX720

Jedi Junkie – Do I need to fill out another ticket or are you sorting it your end now?

Jedi Junkie – ??

Tritton has left the conversation.


Surprise surprise I was hung up on again. The trouble with this time is that I got so far but was not sure if the request had fully gone through. It seemed likely but after the hassles I had I wanted to make sure. I went back through customer support one last time. This time I got through straight away and got hold of someone who double checked the request and sorted it out in a matter of minutes. This last customer support staff was very helpful and apologised for the issues and assured me that the right cable would be sent out. With that I thanked them for helping me out and ended the conversation. Now all I had to do was wait around for the new replacement cable hoping that this time would be the right cable.

An amazing 2 days later a package arrived at my house and lo and behold it was again from Tritton. I opened it up and there was the correct cable, a standard version of the inline cable I needed with all the right connectors. All sorted now.


Although i had issues with the customer support I could have been a rare example. I havent heard of anyone else having issues with what is generally regarded as a great customer support. All in all I would agree with that statement for a couple of reasons. Firstly the issue was caused on my end. It wasnt faulty equipment that caused the headset to fail, it was a dog that thinks everything she can touch she can chew! Tritton replaced this part without asking any questions, they just replaced it. Secondly they didn’t charge me a penny to replace it. I didn’t pay for the cable, postage or anything. This scores very highly in my books as most companies will try to get you to pay something for replacing anything. Tritton simply sort it all for you. Yes they sent the wrong one to begin with but they didn’t ask for it to be sent back, they just sorted it out and sent out the new cable. Thirdly the did it all in the estimated time. The estimated 7 – 10 days to replace the part. The first part took 2 days to arrive, then 2 days to sort out the right cable and a further 2 days to receive the right cable. Total days till correct replacement = 6 days, 1 day faster than their best estimation. I can’t argue with that at all. I got the part I wanted for free and in the correct amount of time. Yes there was a hassle but this shouldnt detract from the fact that they got it sorted and fast.

Tritton have kept their great customer service reputation in my eyes, it took a knock but they came back fighting and came through. I would have no problems recommending both Tritton and their customer support to others.

Good work Tritton, thanks for the assistance.

Jedi Junkie

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