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Hellooooo there!  I am AK and this is a little piece on how technology (with some pro tips) will give you the upper hand on the BEAST that is Battlefield 3. So to kick off let’s talk about setup it is golden you have this down to a tee, there are 3 main areas to cover! You have Sound, Sight and Control  which we will cover point by point.

Tritton AX Pro1. Sound – Sound is hugely important, granted the sound likes to disappear as if in a vacuum when you are playing at times, but for the times you can hear directional sound is great for listening out. I would recommend a headset for sure (I have Tritton AXPROs) this gives you crystal clear sound quality at adjustable directional levels (Front/Rear/Central (side)). The characters on battlefield stomp around like a herd of elephants, Holler and yell like a bunch of drunkard yobs. This is key to listen out for as it gives you full surrounding awareness. The amount of times my team mates have run past a room and missed out on a potential kill is astonishing. It also helps pinpoint spawn beacons and tugs, helping to break defensive lines and push your team past those spawn campers.

2. Sight – Sight and what you are playing on are also key, for example: It may be great showing off a game on a 42” Samsung LED 3D Cook your Dinner HD TV. But it has many downsides and handicaps in relation to your online samsung 22 inch monitormultiplayer/competitive gameplay, such as peripheral vision you have so much to look at! You at times have to physically move your head across the screen to look to your left, and the brightness and awe will make you miss the little things, you could miss a guy lying down on the left hand side of the screen waiting to cap your ass because you are too busy trying to see if anyone is planting at MCOM A on the right hand side of the screen.  There is also a response time delay that can be noticed very much if coupled with a slow connection  (Two of the biggest handicaps you can have.) To combat these I have 1 solution. Purchase a HD computer monitor – you can pick up a great quality monitor for a fair price. I run on a 22inch Samsung LED monitor with HD input. The smaller screen size and faster response time greatly improve performance. And it fits nicely on a desk to J

aimon elite3. Control – Now the market is Flooded with gaming controllers SCUF, Madcats etc etc.. Now there is nothing wrong with dual shock but I have favoured a little gem called the Aimon PS elite. This badboy is a mouse, it can be customised to increase various area of control such as Turn speed, ADS and fire rate. I use the turn speed and ADS as they have proven to be most useful. The amount of hate mail I have received due to me turning on whole squads of players is something to be proud of! Now with the extra benefits there are downsides! Such as battery consumption and the inability to fly choppers and jets. Now seeing as I am predominantly an active disruptor (the man who gets in and causes chaos) this is not a major issue as I can keep my DS3 to hand to swap over if needed. The aimon can take a little getting used to but stick with it you will get used to it and dual shocks will become alien to you! The variation of controllers out there is insane but rest assured there are controllers out there that genuinely improve your gameplay!

I recommend these bits of kit for 2 types of players, people like me and PC gamers on console.

Battlefield 3

Take your time and plan it out

These three areas improve your ability across the board in the areas of MOST importance outside initial gaming ability which brings me nicely on to my next point: simple gaming pointers.

  1. Know your maps! You must know your maps. As you are playing, identify potential problem areas, find shortcuts and search every nook and cranny. This will help you find vantage points, shortcuts/ cut off points and get them kills!
  2. PTFO = PLAY THE FUCKING OBJECTIVE. The amount of players I have come across that say they play the objective and just sit around with a sniper rifle is ridiculous. An objective can be anything in-game it can be a revive, a flag, an enemy tank whatever! You see it and it needs doing? Go do it! Chances are no one else is going to and it will improve your chance of winning and your SPM!
  3. BURST FIRE at range, spraying a full clip down range is just going to ruin your accuracy – Nuff said.
  4. Play smart, in game situations change all the time, don’t just keep running at that wall of LMG’s whip that RPG out, shoot the side of a building and drop the rubble on them. This ISN’T COD, rpg’s and noob tubes are an acceptable killing method!
  5. If in doubt sound it out! You can’t get to a sniper? Tell your team he is there Comms are key and help win games. Simple.
  6. Play an appropriate class. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play the appropriate class! It ties in with point 2 and again increases your ability across the board. There is a gun in all classes for every single player whether it’s the AEK or the QBB there is a gun for you!

Of course these are just pointers in a small piece of text, but these are the basics to getting good at any FPS and can be applied across the board. The 7 areas I have covered here will make you an above average player and put you on the path to success!

Be Battlefield Smart

Be Battlefield Smart

See you on the Battlefield

Battlefield 3 SoldierAaron Chandler

– AK


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