Karbaasi vs. Call Of Duty Challenge

The Karbaasi vs. Call Of Duty


Everybody loves Call Of Duty, Right? You have a large arsenal but you always stick to that one gun ’cause the other guns suck’, right? WRONG! Every gun is a potential winner just waiting to be found!

Dont believe me? Now is your chance to prove me wrong!

Here’s the challenge, select me a layout and let me test it on the battlefield in a (standard or hardcore) FREE-FOR-ALL match. If I win I have proven you wrong. If I happen to lose, you’ve proven me wrong for all the world to see. You can choose from three games:

Modern Warfare 1, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3

Every week I’ll take one entry and try to win with the loadout you have selected. The match will be recorded and I will post a video of the match up for everyone to see.

You have two options:

1: NORMAL Give me a full layout that’ll use:    Main gun + Sidearm + Lethal grenade + Tactical grenade + Killstreaks + (if applicable) Deathstreaks + Perks.

2: HARDCORE Choose a weapon (Main gun or Sidearm only) and I will ONLY use that weapon (Perks and killstreaks  can also be used).

So there you have it, post me your layout type in the comments below or tweet me (@Karbaasi92 or via the site @JoypadAndMe) and let the challenge begin. And to clarify, you can’t choose the map. It would just annoy me to find the correct map (Lazy, I know, but live with it :)). Also, please specify which Call of Duty you want me to play and which mode. If you don’t, I’ll choose MW3 and standard FFA by default, since it’s the newest release.

The results will also be posted here on the Wall of Fame & Shame.

This is where our community gets to see if I’m full of skill or full of something else!

Each month the wall will be updated with the results and these results will be added to the grand totals to see who is better, The Gamer or The Community. A win using the normal loadout option is worth 1 vote on the wall and the hardcore layout option is worth 2 votes. At given times there will be a drawing and a winner is chosen to receive a prize. You can submit as many layout options per month as you like but only one layout per person will be chosen per week. Good luck &……

-Let Battle Commence!-


Photos courtesy of Google Images.


4 responses to “Karbaasi vs. Call Of Duty Challenge

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  2. I want you to go all James Bond in a challenge and on Modern Warefare 3 i want you to use nothing but the Walther P99 in the London based map.

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