Jedi Junkie’s GT Challenge Results

Jedi Junkie Challenge

Challenge No.3

Challenger – Chris Benson

Car – Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010

Track – Laguna Seca

Time To Beat – 1:45.700

Notes – The next challenge has been set. The fastest recorded lap on the Leguna seca race track in the Chevrolet Camaro ss is 1:45.700. Could i beat this time on the virtual version of the race track with the virtual version of the car? Laguna Seca, a dry dusty circuit that punishes drivers if they slip a tyre off the race track and onto the sandy sides of the track. It is an infamous track for one reason, the deadly corkscrew. This collection of corners makes for a very difficult section of track to master and an even harder one to gain a good lap time. Having not spent much time racing this track and generally avoiding it as often as possible with rear wheel drive cars makes this an interesting challenge. To make this challenge fair, I will be using a completely stock Chevrolet Camaro SS. Nothing will be changed including tyres so this will be a completely straight up lap time challenge.


Jedi Junkie’s Time – ?:??.???


Challenge No.2

Challenger – Lenny Smith

Car – Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Peugeot Total

Track – Nurburgring Nordshleife

Time To Beat – 6:06.224

Notes – I don’t usually race the le mans and GT500 class cars in Gran Turismo. I prefer to play about with production cars ranging from the cheap and cheerful to the super and hyper cars. However, for this challenge any car was in the running. Lenny spent a good period of time playing about with his Peugeot 908 HDi FAP, tuning it and tweaking it. After knocking his lap times down bit by bit he managed to reach a time of 6:06.224. The challenge was set to beat this score. Looking through my garage I noticed that I didn’t have this car in my collection so firstly I had to pick it up. Could I beat the challenge score set having never raced this car before? The challenge was on.


Jedi Junkie’s Time – 6:00.417

Challenge Completed


Challenge No.1

Challenger – Wellbeingosteo

Car – Mercedes AMG SlS 2010

Track – Top Gear Test Track

Time To Beat – 1:13.389

Notes – Last year Wellbeingosteo won the chance to enter the Mercedes Benz Live Race and the challenge was to get a Production SLS AMG around the Top Gear test track faster than David Coulthard who was driving a real car. The Gaming competitiors were using GT5 Simulators. Wellbeingosteo’s time was 1.13.389. This challenge also had one more stipulation. Wellbeingosteo sent me the exact car he used for his time and there could be no tuning alterations or tweeks to the car. The car had to be raced as was, no adding turbos or superchargers and more importantly, no changing the Sports Hard tyres to Race Soft! The car had to remain exactly how Wellbeingosteo set his time.


Jedi Junkie’s Time – 1:13.157

Challenge Completed


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