Jedi Junkie’s GT Challenge

Jedi Junkie Challenge

How well do you know the tracks in Gran Turismo 5?

How well do you know the cars in Gran Turismo 5?

Are you fast? Are you furious? Do you risk a crash for that extra 10th of a second? Put yourself to the test and challenge our resident racer, Jedi Junkie.

Jedi Junkie is setting a challenge to all GT5 players out there to come and challenge him on any track with any car.

This isn’t cockyness, it’s purely entertainment.

All you have to do is write in the comments section. pick a track and a car and then set a time on that track. Its that simple. Every 2 weeks Jedi Junkie will pick 2 entrants. One will be a production car and one will be a unique/prototype/race car and will try to beat the lap times set by you.

The results will be posted in the Wall Of Fame & Shame.

The scoring will go as such:

If Jedi Junkie can beat your lap time he will score a point for every second he beats your lap time by (rounded up to the nearest second).

If you beat Jedi Junkie then you will score a point for every second you beat him by (rounded up to the nearest second).

So lets see what interesting combinations of tracks and cars everyone can come up with and lets see who can top the leaderboards.

Under Starters Orders



3 responses to “Jedi Junkie’s GT Challenge

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  2. Ok Jedi for my challenge its very simple last year I won the chance to enter the Mercedes Benz Live Race and the challenge was to get a Production SLS AMG around the Top Gear test track faster than David Coulthard who was driving a real car and we were using GT5 Simulators.
    So the time to beat is 1.13.389 and ill send you the car i did it in just to be more of a challenge no tweaks you have to use exactly the same set up as me.

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