Star Wars Commander

Star Wars Commander Banner

Developer: Disney

Publisher: Disney

Platform: IOS, Android, Windows

Download Size: Android = 39mg

Original Release Date: Sept 2014 (latest update: Feb 2016)

A strong addition to the phone or tablet of any Star Wars fan

With so many games out on the mobile market, it can be frustratingly hard to find one that is a good quality game and that will hold your attention for more than 5 minutes. Now add to this the name Star Wars and you have a doubly hard task as with such a big name, there are hundreds of titles out there with a wide range of success. Star Wars Commander looks to be one that ticks both the good mobile game box and the good star wars game box.

Star Wars Commander JoypadAndMe Review Photo 1Star Wars Commander is a base building title much in the same way as Simpsons Tap is a city builder. You build up your base after choosing which side of the conflict you decide to support. For this review I decided to go for a change and help the forces of the empire. The AI commander helps you with basic understanding of the different buildings and what their functions are as well as how to upgrade. As with many games there is a resource aspect. You collect alloy and credits to pay for buildings, upgrades and troops. At a later point you also collect contraband but we will get into that later. Buildings range from resource centres and storage facilities, troop barracks, defence towers and factories. As you progress all these can be upgraded to provide stronger buildings along with access to new and advanced features and troops.

Star Wars Commander JoypadAndMe Review Photo 2Troops are used to take on the opposing forces in both the campaign side of the game as well as the pvp aspect. Firstly the campaign. Well to be honest it’s pretty non descript. There is a thin plot to follow revolving around helping the empire clear out enemy outposts and then deal with the forces of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. The campaign is a good way to try out different combinations or troops and what works best for you and your style of play. Are you someone that likes to flood the battlefield with hoards of storm troopers and let the volleys of laser fire take down anything and hope that the large amounts of troops will be enough to stand up against the defensive capabilities of your opponent or do you prefer to use war machines like the mighty AT-AT and similar to use precision strikes to bring the outcome of the battle to your preferred result? The choice as they say, is yours.

Star Wars Commander JoypadAndMe Review Photo 4
Upgrading buildings and troops not only takes resources but it also takes time. This can range from 1 minute for small upgrades to upwards of 2 weeks for major high level upgrades. You can of course pay to speed this up if you so wish. This is done with micro Star Wars Commander JoypadAndMe Review Photo 3transactions to buy special resources to speed up almost any kind of upgrade in the game or to purchase more droids to build more (you start with 2 droids). Paying to speed up the upgrades will end up costing you a fortune if that’s the way you intend to go. I rarely put money into these type of games but for Star Wars Commander I actually did pay for an extra droid to speed up building which does make a big difference to your enjoyment I think. Micro transactions can range from £1 to £80 so think carefully before putting money into this game as I’m sure you will want to get the most gaming fun for your money. You don’t need to purchase anything to play this game or get a tonne of fun out of it and you can compete quite competently in the pvp action but I have to admit, the waiting time for buildings can slow your enjoyment and your willingness to go back to the game so adding an extra droid to maximise the process is a good idea.
You can take on other online opponents at any time. This is done in a nice and simple way where once you choose to take on a pvp opponent the game selects someone for you. You then have 30 seconds to decide if you want to engage that opponent or pay another attack payment (in in-game credits) to have another selected for you. By doing this you can select opponents with weaker defences or higher resources for you to attack and plunder. plundering resources from opponents is a great way to get what you need to upgrade troops and buildings quicker than waiting for your own resources to fill up over time. The game also has regular ‘events’ where you score points per win and loose then for failed attacks or poor defences. The higher your number, the better the prize at the end of the event.
Star Wars Commander JoypadAndMe Review Photo 5Battling pvp opponents does however alert them to your presence in the game and next time they are online they could retaliate so make sure your base is ready to defend itself. Wins and losses make a difference to your overall base score. This helps with knowing your standings amongst other gamers. The main fun of this game really is going on a run of successful pvp battles and raising that score as high as you can before someone decides to come and put a temporary stop to your plans. Once you have been attacked there is a certain amount of time before anyone can attack you again, giving you time to change your plans if need be. If you decide to attack another pvp player in this period then you become noticeable again and can be  attacked so plan your sessions around this to maximise your success rate.
This is certainly one of the better looking games out for the mobile market which to be honest you would expect with developers such as Disney. The gameplay is smooth and the animations are crisp and clean. You almost wish there was more to the different characters or the ability to go first person mode with some of the heroes to add another aspect but sadly not. That said, this game is given lots of technical support and updates so who knows what they have in store for the future. During gameplay I have noticed a few times where a technical error has occurred and the game has had to restart but this isn’t a major issue.
The game does like to alert you for all sorts of different reasons and the sound of R2D2 beeping away every time you are attacked or a building or upgrade has finished can get quite annoying but this can be switched off. Star Wars Commander also connects to Google play so there are achievements to collect although they aren’t hard or particularly extensive but a useful addition if that’s something you like. Facebook integration is also there if desired but never seems to be intrusive which is nice to see. The development team keep you updated in the home screen with changes to the game as well as videos and information on upcoming pvp events etc so there is plenty to look at and take in if you like to know more about the game you are playing but isn’t essential to the overall enjoyment of this title.
As I’ve stated above, this game has been supported and updated a lot and there is new aspects added all the time which for a lot of games can be somewhat distracting but for Star Wars Commander this doesn’t seem to be the case. Recent updates have included simple things such as a day and night cycle which doesn’t do anything to the gameplay as such but is a nice aesthetic touch. They have also added a Heroic Defence timed event which involves your heroes helping to defend your base against AI controlled assailants twice a day if you wish to take part. This adds a new part of gameplay as well as additional ways to gain troops, bonuses and resources without the need to take on pvp opponents if you don’t wish to.


Star Wars Commander has been out for a good while now but it has been very well supported and is continually updated and gives fresh challenges and aspects for returning gamers to enjoy. I’ve played a lot of this style game and very few have kept my attention and especially not as long as this has. It’s also rare for me to add money via micro transactions but again, this game rated high enough that I did so. Star Wars Commander is a game that’s great for those that want to spend 5-10 minutes certain days just updating and keeping an eye on things and then when the mood takes them adding an extra hour or so competing in the pvp sections. A great game to catch a sneaky 5 minutes while at work while the boss isn’t looking.

The game isn’t perfect, there are occasions where it crashes and the micro transactions are rather steeply priced. The building upgrade times are rather long when you get further into the game but that’s designed to get you to pay to speed it up. That all said, it’s certainly one of the best I’ve played and it shows in the amount of time I’ve put into it. A strong addition to the phone or tablet of any Star Wars fan. Star Wars Commander has just the right amount of draw factor to have you playing for months if not years with a good sense of accomplishment while doing so.

Compatibility Information:

Android: Star Wars Commander requires Android OS 4.0 or above and supports both tablets and phones.

Apple IOS: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Windows: Requires either Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Phone 10, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7

New Score 4Download Page Links

iTunes Download: Page Link

Android Download: Page Link

Windows Download: Page Link



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