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My name is Steven Tench, and I hail from Liverpool, England. I have been playing video games from the age of 3 and have played them on a regular basis throughout my entire life. I have played a great variety of different kinds of games, from action-adventure titles to RPGs, fighting games to puzzle games, survival horrors to first-person shooters. I have since began to look at games in a different light and to develop different viewpoints and opinions about them, looking for different things to make them stand out among others. It is throughout these later years that I have since come to realize that video games can be more than just something to play; they can make artistic statements and teach players things like philosophy, art and culture, life lessons and moral values. Though I believe that gameplay is the most important aspect in any game, the last eight years of discovering these revelations have driven me to write down my thoughts about video games and what my favourites are and for what reasons. Eventually I decided that I wanted was to share my opinions with the world.

I started blogging at the beginning of 2014 under the pseudonym Scouse Gamer 88 and I’ve never looked back. I’ve enjoyed sharing my opinions regarding video games through reviews, top ten lists, regular news items and unique articles written to close out each blog post every week. Throughout this time I have had the opportunity to work with many other prominent video game personalities, including Necro VMX, Mullet Mike of the Creepy Gaming series, Kimberly May, host of the Epic Geeks podcast and with the proprietors of channel Found Gaming. I have also written for numerous different websites such as and ByteXplosion before I was subsequently brought on board to write reviews for the website DarkZero. I am happy to be able to say that I will now be writing for JoypadAndMe. Graham approached me with the idea of bringing retro gaming reviews to the ever-growing site, and since I have already written a great deal of retro video games reviews, and I have many more planned for publishing in the future, I was more than happy to sign up.

1790_15Earliest Gaming Memory

When I was three years old, Mum took my brother, my two sisters and me to my uncle’s house. There my cousin had an NES, and was playing Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers on it. As I recall, that was the first game I ever both saw and played before I subsequently and inevitably got hooked on Super Mario Bros. From thereon, my siblings and me were brought up on the Super Nintendo, the Mega Drive, the Game Boy and the Game Gear. Although I would go on to be able to recall fonder gaming memories in the future, Chip N’ Dale: Rescue has a very special place in my video gaming repertoire.


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