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When it comes to gaming I would best describe myself as a lifer, I’ve been playing games since I was old enough to understand them and I’m thoroughly convinced I’ll keep playing them until my hair is white and I have multiple sets of teeth. For me it began when I got the Nintendo 64 for Christmas with a TV which was deeper than it was wide so I grew up playing with my sister, games like Pokemon Stadium, Super Mario, Super Smash Brother Melee and all the Zelda games.

As we got older, we continued our Nintendo based escapades by purchasing a Gamecube (Luigi’s Mansion) and remained loyal Nintendo girls, with the exception of a brief mishap with a borrowed Dreamcast and a copy of Echo the Dolphin. That was, until the Wii came out.

Mario 64The Wii was such a huge disappointment, I migrated my gaming loyalty and purchased a Playstation 3 and have never looked back. Above all I love story driven games with deep, well thought out worlds to explore. For example;


  • Legend of Zelda (All of them)
  • Dragon Age Origins
  • Mass Effect (All of them)
  • Fallout 3
  • Fable
  • Dead Space (All of them)
  • Bioshock (All of them)


Most of all I enjoy moments in games that you know you’ll remember forever and you can talk about with others that have played them. Looking up at Queen Gohma in the Ocarina of Time. Flemeth’s True Form in Dragon Age. Seeing a Death Claw for the first time in Fallout. For me it’s those moments that raise a game above the others and will keep me playing until five in the morning even when I have work the next day.


Anyway, that’s a bit about me. Can I go back to playing games now?


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