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Name: Paul Hayden

Nickname: Zeronidus

Xbox/Youtube: Gigaros

PSN: Giga_Zonde

Twitter: @Zeronidus

Ah, that awkward moment when someone stares at you and says “tell me about yourself” and the first thing that comes to mind is “I have a head?”.

My name is Paul and I’ve been playing games since I was 5. My first gaming experiences were on the Commodore 64 with a game called Flimbo’s Quest and back then there was only one button on the controller. If you played the Master System it meant you were a hardcore gamer because there was more buttons on the pad.

super-street-fighter-ii-turbo-hd-remix-screenshot_3I grew up in a golden era of games when Mario and Sonic were taking their first steps but I knew where my heart was when I played Super Street Fighter II Turbo and a small gem called Cybernator (aka Assault Suits Valken). I would quite happily blame Capcom and the SNES for my love of fighting and mech games.

Since then I have played a library of games from mainstream titles like Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Blade/Calibur to the less popular niche titles like Steel Battalion and Chromehounds. And remember the Master System rule, the controller for Steel Battalion had more lights and buttons than a christmas tree… made of buttons… Oh yes hardcore gaming at its finest, I was in heaven!

It wasn’t always mechs and fisty cuffs. I have a soft spot for frantic FPS games so you’ll occasionally find me on Call of Duty or Loadout. I’m currently learning (failing) to play League of Legends but I follow the pro scene, Gambit Gaming fan all the way. I also follow the Starcraft II pro scene and I’m a big fan of NaNiwa, Jaedong and Polt.


By profession I’m an indie games developer so I love all the technical stuff. The games industry is changing with great innovations coming out like the Oculus Rift, OmniMove and SteamOS. It’s a great time for games and I’m grateful to be sharing it with the JAM community.

Paul Hayden


Paul Hayden


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