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Name – Jason Rez      

Email –

NeonSkullTwitter – @SGneonskull

PSN ID – NeonSkull

Steam ID – NeonSkull

Xbox Gamertag/wii code- Xbone and WiiU are dead systems so who cares


Why NeonSkull because Necrocide was taken.

My name is Jason also know online as NeonSkull or undeadDave if you play Dust514. When not playing games, I’ll be with my fantastic kids and as a rule if my kids are around I don’t touch videogames unless its something we can play together. I love watching films and tv show but never live Netflix, lovefilm and nowTV are my channels of choice.

Super Mario Bros on the NES was my first gaming memory and still to this day I play the game with my kids.

I am a Playstation fan, love Sony and the PS brand. The way Sony is willing to take a chance on an uncertain project and present themselves as a company and not just wanting to cash in on what is popular keeps me loyal.

I have hung around and lurked in many gaming communities over the past few years starting with the VideoGameShow, GamerCastNetwork, Uncle Gamer, SarcasticGamer, TalkingAboutGames, BigRedBarrel, FrontTowardsGamers, and probably a few lesser well know sites as well. I have enjoyed playing many a gamer night with these sites even though I’m not the most vocal on the mic, I still love being part of the social aspect.

I’m a huge podcast fan. I listen to a wide variety from the Smodcast network stuff to a few bbc podcasts, my favorite gaming shows are Giantbomb, Podtoid, most all the big red barrel shows, PostGameReport, Gametwerp, GamerTagRadio, PSnation, Podcast Beyond and the new Sarcastic Gamer podcast.

Games wise I play most anything that takes my interest, rarely dismissing any game on face value, if you told me Barbie riding school was a good game with an interesting gameplay mechanic I’d be interested in trying it. Being a Sony fan, my best gaming memories come from MetalGearSolid, Resident Evil, Ridge Racer, Tomb Raider, Killzone and Final Fantasy.

It’s not all Sony tho as PC gaming was a phase I went through back in the day, stuff like Doom, Command and Conquer, Heretic, Sim City, Deus ex, and HalfLife were great games I remember fondly.

I used to have a real crush on Microsoft and Bill Gates, loved the history of the company and how it began but recently they have lost me. Not a fan anymore and I believe they have really screwed themselves with the xbone.

The 360 has some great games and when I did own the console ODST and Gears were AAA titles, but when my system died I did not miss it at all. Compare that to when I had to sent my PS3 back to Sony in exchange for a refurbished model and I would have been 3 days without a system I went out a picked up a slim to fill the gap.

 Lets end with some top 5s:

Top 5 games all time

            1)Metal Gear Solid

            2)Final Fantasy 7


            4)Resident Evil 2

            5)Half Life

Top 5 recent


            2)Fallout 3

            3)Killzone 2


            5)Call Of Duty 4+ (the IW ones)

Top 5 films

            1)Bad boys


            3)the fast and the furious


            5)lesbian vampire killers





Please leave a comment or your views on the subject. All views gladly welcomed.

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