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Hi! My name is Katie! Games have been involved in my life since I can remember, coming from a family of quite “nerdy” people. My first gaming console was the Nintendo GameCube, and I lived on it, for years! 2002 the wonderful game Super Mario Sunshine came out and I fell in love with the style and happy feeling you got when you played the game (By happy I mean uncontrollable rage at the difficulty haha). After I finished the whole game I decided I wanted to design games and years later I’m studying Game Development.
world of warcraftThe first game I lived on was Runescape, in the good old days of 2006, I literally learn how to type and I grew up on that game. I knew the world more than my own city in real life, I had my own circle of friends which we would travel and battle together. It felt so real and this introduced me to the online community. Ever since then I’ve been poking around on online games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends and any new one that peek my interested such as Arch Age recently.
I am a big PC gamer although I do prefer to have a controller in my hands which is why I’ve owned a Xbox 360 for years. Even though it’s not at graphically capable like a PC, I always seem to enjoy single players a lot more on consoles. I loved the Bioshock series, Assassins Creed, the Naruto games, Lollipop Chainsaw and of course Skyrim has to be my favourite. Anything Adventure RPG has a spot in my heart.


Supersonic SkyYou may already recognise Katie from the pages of http://www.JoypadAndMe.com, we interviewed Katie last year about her cosplaying. We have that interview for you below along with her cosplay gallery for you all to check out.

Supersonic Sky Cosplay Interview


Supersonic Sky Cosplay Gallery


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