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Well what can I say about me that’s going to be somewhat interesting? Well, as is going to be blatantly obvious I’m a gamer. To expand on that I should say that I love to play games, all types of games. Some people seem to stick to either one title, one franchise or one genre of gaming. I don’t, I like to play all styles of games to see if there’s one I like. I have been known to play any number of generic and imaginative titles and have found some fantastic little gems in amongst the rough. I think I like to look for that little something or that unique piece that draws me in and keeps me hooked. Once im hooked I can play the same game for months if not years at a time. The most obvious one from the past few years I guess is probably Gran Turismo 5 on the Playstation 3. I hate to think of the amount of hours I have put into that game but at a guess I would have to say around the 500 mark! I’m not ashamed to admit that I enjoy playing the Call Of Duty series although I am finding it more fun to play with friends and groups rather than complete parties of random people. I’m a huge fan of Drinkbox Studios and their Tales from Space and Mutant Blobs Attack titles. Super Stardust on both the Playstation 3 and the Delta version on the Playstation Vita also grabbed my attention early on and have kept it since.

I created JoypadAndMe really as a project with the intention of letting it grow in its own way. What I wanted was to create a place where a community could grow and friends could get together to play games and get back to the fun that is in playing different titles and sharing experiences. I wanted to meet as many of the gaming community out there as possible and get to know them. A few websites and podcasts gave me the inspiration and the direction to create and build JoypadAndMe were Glenn Percival and, Pacman Polarbear, Rothbart and Frawlz from the old SGBlu and later the BRB Blu show and GBJoey from the Last Save Loaded podcast. All of these are very different but each one has a common theme, their love of gaming and what they do. I look forward to seeing just where JoypadAndMe will go in the future and I look forward to meeting more and more of the community that we as a website gain and the gaming community as a whole and playing a host of new and interesting titles with you all.

Some of my old gaming memories include:

Elite C64Flying around in the amazing vector graphic world of Elite on the Commodore 64. Spent hours learning to pilot my ship into the space station. Used to get frustrated and give up, shoot at police ships and cause space carnage.

Playing Sim City on the Super Nintendo and when I had spent ages building the perfect city watching with destructive delight as Bowser stomped all over it.

F ZeroRacing around with against friends and having huge arguments about knocking each other off the track on F-Zero also in the Super Nintendo.

Having my eyes go blurry and my head spin at the speed of Wipeout on the Playstation 1 (compared to now it feels slow but back then it felt like lightning).vice city

I think everyone has this gaming memory but there was nothing better than cruising around the streets of Vice City with the radio on listening to some classic 80’s tunes. Even now if I ever hear any of them on the radio or tv it instantly takes me back to chilling out with my Playstation 2.


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