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Darren McCarthy

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I got into video games in the mid-90s, as a child I was always interested in technology and science-fiction, drawing pictures of robots and monsters. I’d enjoy taking apart old VCRs and computers.
Video games were like my imagination manifested.
I’d go to friend’s and neighbour’s houses and play SNES and N64 and naturally got caught up in the Pokemon craze, as was the style at the time. My first console that I owned was the PlayStation, the game that clinched home console gaming for me was Oddworld.

A few years later I was blessed with the PlayStation 2 and it sealed my fate as a Sony enthusiast.
I had dabbled in Metal Gear Solid on the PSX but the mind-blowing MGS2 was a game changer.
This turned me into what we’d describe today as “hardcore gamer”, my interests no longer in kids games but those aimed at adults, those with complex themes and stories.

Between these consoles I had a variety of Nintendo handhelds but didn’t really take them seriously, except for Pokemon, which I always took seriously!

An early Xmas present of PlayStation 3, the introduction of Trophies and online gaming only strengthened the hold gaming has on me. From that point on I was a changed man, no longer just a gamer, playing for fun, but now a hardcore gamer, driven by my interest in cutting edge technology and Trophy-hunting.

Each day I wake up, reach for my iPad and check a myriad of news and RSS apps for latest technology and gaming news, check twitter for the opinions of my peers and fellow gamers.


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