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Name – Danny Cox

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Twitter – @Dannycox94

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I am new to all this reviewing about games and can’t wait to get started. I love playing games on all consoles. My main types of games are mainly sport and FPS but there are other games I  play gladly and without hesitation.

But really the main game I am hooked on every single year without question has to be the FIFA franchise. The banter I have with everyone in the game is enjoyable because one minute they can be in my face and seconds later wanting to launch their controller at my head. I always try and fit a game of FIFA in everyday because in my mind ‘football is not a game, it’s a way of life’.

One of the other games I play most often is obviously CALL OF DUTY. Every year we get new games from different makers and try to compare them to their challenger. I mostly enjoy this because its great to play with friends and without having to go through the unbearable kids shouting down the microphone so its nice to get away from all that and play the game for what its made for, ‘fun’.

My oldest memory of a game is one of my all time favourites and most people I know agree with me and that is……


Lets be honest who didn’t love this game? Driving round doing drive byes, eating till you throw up or hitting they gym to look like Arnie. The fun in this game was endless due to the music in the game and the all out gang wars which really sucked you into what kind of game it was.


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