Pokemon Go: Get Ahead In The Game – Hints And Tips

Pokemon Go Get Ahead In The Game Hints And Tips

The world of mobile gaming has a new top dog in its midst. Maybe not a dog, more of a little monster or rather a Pokemon. Pokemon Go has already become a massive success even before its official release day. With more than 10 million official downloads on android devices alone, it has to be said that this is one very popular game. Social media and mainstream news has been full of news about the Pokemon Go phenomenon.

As with all popular games, there are those among us that can get through the game with ease and then there are some of us that welcome a few hints and tips to help us get ahead. That’s exactly what you will find here. A few hints and tips that should help you get that bit extra out of Pokemon Go and maybe help you become the best trainer there is.

Keep checking back as we will add more hints and tips as we find them. 

Pikachu, I Choose You!

Pokemon Go Pikachu trickDon’t want to start off with the usual starter pokemon on offer? Want to begin with that classic lil yellow dude? Well there just might be a way. In the beginning of the game once you have created your own avatar character, the professor will ask you to go out and catch your first pokemon. As soon as the screen changes you are given the option to catch one of the classic favorites of the game, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur but one famous lil character is missing, Pikachu. If you want to get the chance to catch Pikachu then what you need to do is walk away from these pokemon in any direction until your phone or tablet vibrates. When you look you will see that the original three pokemon will have reappeared. Instead of catching one of these guys, walk away from them again and continue walking till your device vibrates again and you see the starter pokemon appear once more. Continue the trick of walking away till your device vibrate for between three and five times and you will see our cheeky lil yellow friend appear for you to catch and start the game with. Simple but effective plus it gets you out and about, something you need to get used to with Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go ProfessorPidgie, Pidgie, Pidgie….Enough!

Too many duplicate pokemon? Not a problem. If like many of us you have found more than your fair share of Ratata’s and Pidgies then you will be wondering what to do with them. Well worry no more, here’s your answer. If you click or press on the unwanted pokemon in your menu then scroll down to the bottom you will see a button called ‘Transfer’. Click on that and then transfer the selected pokemon to the professor. In return he will give you some of that pokemon types candy. The candy can be used to help evolve or beef up a pokemon stats so its not a bad use for unwanted pokemon.

Hit That Mark!

Perfect your Pokeball throwing skills. As pokeballs are a limited resource in the game and you always want to make sure you have enough for that next wild pokemon that jumps out at you, you need to get accurate with your pokeball throwing skills.When you encounter a pokemon you intend to catch, you will see a set of rings around it. By holding down on your pokeball before you throw it you will notice that the ring around the pokemon will shrink. The smaller it is when you release and throw your ball means the more likely you will catch the pokemon and even gain a ‘nice’ or ‘excellent’ rating when doing so which in turn adds to your XP.

Don’t Sleep On The Job!

Pokemon Go PokeballKeep the app running to make the most of it. This sounds obvious but Pokemon Go doesn’t run in the background of your phone or tablet so it constantly needs to be running. This is all well and good for short periods but when you are walking along searching for those elusive lil critters or walking to hatch an egg or two then you need to be aware and make sure you get the most out of it. To do this make sure you have turned off your devices ‘sleep’ function so that it doesn’t switch off after a few minutes of inactivity. You should be able to do this simply enough by going into your devices settings. Be warned though, Pokemon Go is a huge drain on your devices battery power so don’t expect your phone or tablet to last more than a few hours so plan accordingly.

Stealth Hunting!

There is a way to hunt down those pokemon around the streets without walking around with your phone or tablet constantly in your hand waving it from side to side in the hope it will pick up that little extra distance. It might even help a tiny bit with your battery power consumption. In the menu settings for Pokemon Go, you will find a ‘Battery Saver Mode’. This isn’t exactly what it says. It wont let you run around playing for twice as long but what it does do is after a short period it will turn the screen off when you turn the device upside down. Everything else will still be running so don’t forget about it. What you can now do is insert some headphones and put the phone in your pocket upside down. Now you can walk around the streets and look like a normal member of the public while stealthily hunting for those wild pokemon. How will you know when there’s one about? Well that’s what the headphones are for. The device will vibrate and make a sound when a pokemon pops up so that’s when you can pull out your device and show the world that you are a world class pokemon hunter that can pop out of the shadows.

Baby Come Back!

Battling in the gym for supremacy is all well and good but at some point you are going to come up against someone that will kick your furry butt and knock you out. When this happens you obviously want to get your favorite battle partner back up and fighting as soon as possible. There is a handy way to do this without the need of revive potions etc. What you can do is evolve them. In Pokemon Go,when you evolve a knocked out pokemon it will also revive them to full health. This is a handy way to get back into the fight but also be bigger and hopefully better and more able to go back into that gym and take back your pride as well as that lovely XP.

Stop And Spin

This may seem an obvious one but you would be surprised how many people will neglect the Poke-stops in order to catch a tiny little ratata or similar especially if they are driving past on public transport (don’t drive and pokemon – it cold really ruin your day!). The Poke-stops are the easiest way to replenish those pokeballs without having to dip into your wallet to pay for more. You may only get 3 or 4 balls at each stop but if you find enough stops that can build up quickly. Add this to improving your throwing technique and you should never run out of pokeballs when you need them most. So stop, spin and collect to make the most out of your day.

Screenshot_20160709-103955-1200x1412Sit Back And Catch

Don’t feel like walking around for miles searching for those elusive lil critters. Why not make them come to you. If you have time to spare in a good area this is a great lil tip. Firstly find an area that should have some good pokemon or at least a few you don’t already have in your collection (look at the right hand side screen that tells you what kind of pokemon are in the local area). When you have found your spot and got nice and comfy, from an incense or if you have one, a lure and then sit back and wait for the pokemon to come to you. Its not the fastest way to catch them granted but it does give you some time to rest and works well if you are somewhere you cant keep walking around such as work or school (just don’t get caught). This is particularly useful if you are close to a beach or lake where you can gain some of those harder to find water pokemon.

Take Advantage

You don’t have to do all the work yourself. Take advantage of other peoples items. The best way to do this is to find an area that has a good amount of pokemon go users such as a fast food restaurant. If its popular enough then surely another user will have probably placed down a lure which you can benifit from as well. The lure will bring in many different pokemon and help you to level up quickly. If you live in a large town then you might be able to move from place to place and take advantage of different people’s lures to gain the maximum advantage through the day. It would be nice to sometimes drop your own lure. Share the wealth so to speak.

Incense To The Max

Want to make the most out of dropping an incense, well here’s how.When you place an incense down and stand till, it will generally spawn a pokemon on average every 5 minutes.Not bad but we can do better than that. It seems that if you move around 200 meters after every spawn then they generally spawn one pokemon every minute. That’s quite a difference.It pays to get some exercise while playing pokemon go doesn’t it. Maybe use an incense while taking the dog for a walk or taking the kids to school (or going to school yourself depending on age!).

Team Up & Take Control

Hunting for pokemon can be fun on your own but hunting in groups and gaining the biggest advantage from essence and lure drops can be more productive. Get your friends involved and organise a day to all head out and catch as many pokemon as you can. Get organised between yourselves who will drop lures in which places so as not to double up and miss out on taking maximum advantage of all your assets. Why not look on FaceBook ant Twitter for similar minded people and create an event or get together to hit all the local pokestops and gyms.

Pokemon Go EeveeControlled Eeveelution

Want to get the right evolution for your favorite eevee? Well there just might be a way for you to get just what you want. It seems that bu changing the name of your desired eevee before you evolve it can make a difference. If you name it Flareon and then evolve it you seem to be able to get a Pyro. If you name the lil critter Jolteon then once evolved it will become a Sparky and if you decide to name it Vaporeon then once evolved you will gain yourself a nice little Rainer. This lil tip has been found by members on Reddit namely a user called ‘TheAztek’ but reports seem to show that its been working well. Don’t forget to start off with as higher rated Eevee as you can and don’t forget to stock up on those Eevee candies and stardust to beef up your desired Eeveelution ready for their first gym battle.


Don’t forget to play safe. A pokemon isn’t worth risking your life over or loosing an education or job over.

Good luck to you all and let us know how you are getting on with Pokemon Go.