Ibb & Obb

ibb 4

psn_logo_color_trans1Platforms: Playstation 3

Developer: Sparpweed

Publisher: Sparpweed

Genre: Puzzle Platform

Sparpweed Games Ibb & Obb is a strange yet delightful co-operative puzzle platform game that is both relaxing and infuriating in equal measures. The aim of the game is using gravity and precision to execute jumps in order to beat enemies, collect crystals and make your way to goal at the end of the level. Each of these has two sides with opposing gravitational forces that you can switch between using gates. As you progress new elements are thrown into the equation and you’ll have to use you best ‘fallcrobatics’ (I got that from one of the trophies) to overcome them.

ibb 2Ibb & Obb is delightful if you have a partner to play with. Its co-op is exceptional, and communication is absolutely vital if you are to succeed. If one of you dies, it’s a restart for both, and death comes in the shape of spiked critters scattered about each world. Part of the challenge is to navigate around the each level and defeat each enemy (which can only be done on one side) in order to collect crystals and other secret bits and bobs.

The single player mode is maddening. You control each of our little adventurers by moving either the right or left analogue sticks. In most situations you can move Ibb or Obb individually to work out puzzles one at a time. The few occasions where you have to move them both at the same time can be extremely difficult and ridiculously frustrating to pull off. However with a partner either on line or preferably by your side, the games difficulty comes back down to earth.

Online play can also be testing on your patience. Finding a partner can be quite time consuming, this was significantly shortened upon release but still takes a fair while to get a game going. My main problem that it can be especially laggy at times and this can hamper certain sections of the game considerably.

ibb 3

The controls are very tight and work well, however I would prefer to use the d-pad and you are forced to analogue stick, which can cause you to over move and mess puzzles up. And speaking of puzzles, the design in certain places requires you to be extremely precise as well as your partner. This lead to me rage quitting twice as two parts of the game seemed to be almost pure luck.

Aesthetically it’s very pleasing to the eye. Very minimal and brightly coloured design fit perfectly with the excellent electronic soundtrack provided by artist Kettel. It’s looks gorgeous and flows very smoothly.

It’s a charming and well thought out platformer, that while it doesn’t work to great in single player, it’s fantastic in two player mode, especially coach co-op. It can make you feel a bit stupid in places but it’s definitely a game you should experience, especially if you have someone to play with.

Scores 3.5

Gareth Davis




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