The Order: 1886

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the order 1886Developer: Ready At Dawn

Publisher: Sony

Platform: PS4

Price: £49.99/€54.99/$59.99


The Order: 1886 is Sony’s first major in house release of 2015. After all the excitement it caused during its reveal at E3, it has been met with some criticism in the run up to launch with gameplay footage and trailers that have underwhelmed both the press and the public. Is it the the new intellectual property that PS4 owners have been craving for after Knack and Driveclub failed to deliver or will it be another ‘nearly’ game that seems to be thrown out by almost all SCE first party studios lately, bar Naughty Dog.
the order 1886Before I point out any if The Orders flaws I want to get one thing across to you. This is a good game. In fact it’s a fantastic game. One that Ready At Dawn can proudly place upon their mantle next to Daxter and the two God of War PSP games. It’s not Perfect, in fact far from it, but what it does do, it does well.
Set in an alternate history Victorian London you play the role of Sir Galahad, loyal Knight to The Order and in charge with keeping the capital safe from half breeds, essentially werewolves known in this universe as Lycans. After battling with rebels in Whitechapel and discovering the bodies of Jack the Rippers victims plus Lycan threat increasing. The Knights of the Order have discovered Blackwater, a dark liquid that gives those who consume it an extended lifespan and Wolverine like healing abilities. As the plague starts reemerge some secrets that were never meant to revealed rear their ugly head and lay threat to everything that The Order stands for.
The Order 1886This game is breathtaking. It’s one of the best looking console games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. While the letterbox cinematic effect takes a small amount of time to get used to, it really does add to the experience and gives you a great idea of what Ready At Dawn where trying to achieve. The actual graphics are stunning. Silky smooth and with the recent run of problems that most AAA titles have been plagued with it works perfectly. The industrial diseased skyline of London looks fantastic and the atmosphere this game gives off is up there with Dark Souls and Alien: Isolation. It’s moody, dirty and has a gritty edge to it that just oozes with smog.
Gameplay wise it’s nothing spectacular. It plays like most third person cover based shooters. Sort of a mash up between Gears of War and Uncharted. The weapons for the most part are your usual array pistols shotguns and sniper rifles, however with the creations of Nikolai Tesla at your disposal you also have an array of ‘science’ weapons, such as a lightning bolt firing arc rifle and phosphorus igniting thermite gun that acts as a remote detonation flamethrower. These weapons are few and far between but the shooting and cover system are solid and will be familiar to many.
Thrown in with the Blacklight (Bullet Time) mode it makes for some spectacular moments where you feel truly over powered and that is awesome. There is one gripe I specifically have with the gameplay and that’s the reemergence of quick time events. They are fairly frequent here and can often be annoying.
The main draw of the game however is the story. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it works. And the voice acting is excellent. The characters give you a real feeling of what’s going on and while the twists to the plot are fairly easy to guess, it’s executed so well that it’s not a drag on the rest of the story. This is also a problem when it comes to the length of the game. Yes it’s very short. Call if Duty short. It’s also very linear, and this is where the game disappoints. Especially when the entry fee is the £50 mark. Having a 5 hour long game isn’t a problem when you immediately want to play it again, and again. But I had no urge to go back. This is fully backed up by the fact that by the time I’d finished the end credits I’d unlocked all of the trophies in the game. Not even an artificial reason to go back.
Scores 3.5The Order is excellent while it lasts. But leaves a bitter taste when it’s over. Once I’d finished the game I had no desire to go back. I enjoyed my brief time with the game and aesthetically it’s extremely pleasing. But in terms of bang for buck it falls pretty far from the mark. Ready At Dawn have something here to work with, and I’d be very interested to see what the do with it.
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