Fifa 14

fifa 14

Yes we finally have fifa on next-gen and it looks absolutely stunning the graphics really have taken a leap into transformation with the new consoles. And one thing that helps this the game face of most of the clubs in the game. It’s great to see that EA finally got their act together trying to create the most realistic football game possible. They took the time to go around to many football clubs catching pictures from footballers faces and putting them into the game which is outstanding.

Fifa 14Even the stadiums look spectacular I love watching the intros to a game getting the full view of the stadium in about to play in, this really draws me in and at some points makes me feel like im actually at the game.

Now firstly im going to talk about some more new features, new skill games have been introduced and they are much more difficult than FIFA 13. But this really helps me hone in on new skills that I can learn and they also have a score system so if you’re a competitive gamer like me you will want to beat your friends score so you can brag about to them.

Also new to the game is the 3D crowd. Now this is the first time we have seen this in a football game and once again EA showed us how big this franchise can become, instead if seeing little cardboard people we actually see the full crowds emotions depending on the score line. If the home team concede all you can hear is faint shouting from the travelling supporters and the hone crowd don’t look pleased at all.

fifa 14

New menus got introduced to next-gen and I can say it’s about time this happens for the past few years we have had to look at the old boring, unexciting menus. Now EA completely changed the menus giving it a nice reboot and they are a lot better to look at and control.

Fifa 14Still talking about new features and one of them appears in ULTIMATE TEAM, instead of having to scroll through pages and pages for a player you would like to purchase for your club, you now give you the ability to search the player’s name and you can instantly find then and try to buy them for your club.

Chemistry styles are also new in this years game. This gives players a little boost in their stats making them better.  I thought this would make the game a little bit annoying but its balanced out really well so in have no problem with it.

Career mode has also been fixed up with some new changes. During the transfer window on FIFA 13 you could just look at a players rating and stats and see if he would be right for your club. Now you have to use your scouts properly and see how that player is performing, seeing what his rating is and is he worth the price tag his club has set on him.

Now on to ultimate team. I am a big fan of this mode. I love working my way up from a bronze team to a full gold powerhouse team and the options seem endless with all the choices I have at my disposal. Again we get to see the awesome graphics that have been added into this generations game.

Now onto seasons mode and unfortunately this hasn’t had any changes at all which is really disappointing as I would have liked a harder challenge trying to get into division one but u guess there’s only so much you can do to a game.

Fifa 14

The game plays well and of course there are a few glitches and stuff due to the player impact engine but they don’t affect the game too much. The game feels more fluid to me and quicker which is always a bonus because that’s my play style. This is one of my favourite games mainly because I’ve been playing fifa ever since I could pick up a controller. And it’s just astonishing how far not just fifa but games in general have come. Just looking back now at fifa 95 which was the first fifa game I got my little hands on and it’s just amazing how things gave progressed. Kids these days have a lot to be thankful for. (ED, You sound like one of us old codgers here!)

Coming to the end of this review I absolutely love this game and can’t stop playing it. Graphics are outstanding crowds, stadiums, players everything.

New Score 4I would give this game a solid 4/5 all around great just a few glitches disrupt the feel good factor from time to time but all round enjoyable

Danny Cox

Lazy gamer

Extra Life 2013


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