Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 banner

Bayonetta 2 Developer: Platinum Games

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Wii U

Price: £39.99

Japan’s Platinum Games is probably the best studio in the world when it comes to 3D third person action games. The first game was revered by almost everyone when it hit 360 and PS3 five years ago, and following the fantastic Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising, the sequel is just as exceptional and bonkers as the rest of Platinums back catalogue.
bayonetta 2Bayonetta is back, and this time she’s doing some Christmas Shopping. Five minutes later, your tearing a humongous angel a new one, on top of a fighter jet, backflips and cartwheels galore, while firing your stiletto pistols at anything that moves. Followed quickly by battling a demon flying around a sky scraper. And this is just in the prologue.
The Umbra Witch has become more badass than before, and she truly kicks arse. The combat system is perfect in Bayonetta 2. Simple to get hold of, and very tricky to master on the higher difficulties. You have four moves, attack, jump, dodge and shoot. Using the small number of actions you can have almost unlimited combos at your disposal. Just the slights change in direction or holding a button for a split second longer has the ability to completely change up your combo. You feel super empowered and almost every session you find something new that you’ve never pulled off before.
The best part of the action is ‘Witch Time’. This happens when you hit the dodge button at the exact moment the enemy is about to land a hit on you. You dodge the attack and then end up slowing time down for a second or two, giving you the perfect opportunity to pick your spot, or get out of range of the enemy, even chug a health item. Where the first only had the story mode, this game has both a challenge mode and an online co-op challenge mode too. Great for fans of the combat system who don’t want to play through the story for the millionth time.
Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta herself is highly sexualised, a talking point amongst the gaming community and a somewhat sore point to some people. Yes she’s sexy, yes her proportions are not realistic and yes the camera does linger on her backside a bit longer than it should, but she’s stronger, faster and wittier than any man in the game. And for that I feel it keeps the game on it’s toes, there is no right or wrong view on this subject, and for some people it might be too much. I however feel it handles it well.
New Scores 5For me this is the classic the Wii U has been waiting for. It’s up there with Mario Kart 8 and 3D World. The sheer polish that platinum have smothered this game in is a joy to behold. The Nintendo Easter eggs and extras are also an amazing touch and round this one off perfectly. As the Wii U library slowly gets stronger and stronger I really think this is a game that everyone should play.
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