Battlefield Hardline

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Developer: Visceral Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Available: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

Released: March 2015

Well here we are another battlefield game but this time it has headed into a different direction. Instead of a normal war-time game, it has switched to a drug war. In my opinion this is a good step mainly because many games franchises never take the risk of changing it up, it’s good to see battlefield took the leap of faith.

Battlefield HardlineCampaign/ episodes

First I’ll start off with the new campaign or episodes as they are now called in this. What I like about this is that when you play an episode then decide you want to quit and maybe go to multiplayer it has a teaser for you on the next episode so it’s like your actually watching a TV series which will get you excited to jump back into the action. Now I’ll admit when I first played the campaign I was sceptical on how things would work but I soon started to see the benefits of learning the game. In this campaign you can level up just like the multiplayer but the cap goes up to 15. The game seems to favour you being a sneaky officer making clean arrests and takedowns without going all guns blazing. One of the reasons for this is because you can use your scanner to see if anyone has a warren out for their arrest and you gain more XP for bringing them in alive. The campaign is only 10 episodes long that’s something I expected because other battlefield campaigns haven’t really been a lengthy one. So to wrap up this part of the review I’m going to say that a loved the new campaign mainly because it favoured my original playing style, stealth. I feel I connected to the characters and their well beings. And also because it’s different from being in a full-out army war for once.


Now for the main reason I believe that battlefield has won my heart over its rival Call Of Duty over the past few years. It’s has a good amount of modes you can play which I will explain each one individually.

Battlefield HardlineHeist

Heist is your basic cops vs robbers scenario the robbers are tasked with braking into a vault and to steal 2 bags of money whilst the police are trying to stop them. Now this mode has a few good and bad points first I will explain the good. This really requires that you work together as a team because of the 2 bags that need defending/attack. Because once one of the bags are picked up you must take it to a drop off point for you chopper to come pick it up it requires teamwork to get it to the location and also to stop it from being secured. Now for the bad and this also reflects on how well your teamwork is because if everyone tries to do their own thing and not work together the match won’t last long. At one point whilst playing this I managed to play 4 games in under 10 minutes due to awful team play. Now I know you can’t control this but I feel that that’s just one of the bad things of how fast the game can end.


Now since the BETA this is one mode I’ve been dying to get my hands on again. So as soon as my postman dropped the game off I installed it and went straight for Hotwire. In this you have to control selected vehicles for as long as you can to gain points for your team. This mode is a fast paced shoot em up. Personally I found this mode to be my favourite. Being able to speed round maps while my teammates hung out the windows blowing away my pursuers. I can always find enjoyment playing this mode because if I’m not in the getaway vehicle I am chasing down my rivals trying to blow up theirs, you hardly have a second to think on this game mode and there is almost never a time where you are walking round the map trying to find something to do.


The clue is in the name there are hostages and as police you have to get them out again this mode can be over quickly mainly because you get one life. Going back to its rival call of duty it’s like search and destroy. For that reason of just having one life I didn’t like it because I don’t think I’m patient enough to have to watch my team as I have died waiting for the next round to begin. Nothing telly more to say on this mode so moving on.

Battlefield HardlineBlood money

Now I have already written about this mode from when the first BETA was released but I suppose I can write it again for you lot. A huge pile of loot has been intercepted whilst in transit and the criminals are fighting to steal the money whilst the police are trying to secure it as evidence. Each team is trying to get the money to their vault but even there the money isn’t safe. You can raid the teams vault to help your own score the most money. But beware of how much you carry because it can affect how slow your player will run.


A criminal has decided to become a snitch for the police ( tut tut ) and is on the run from his former crew. The criminals are trying to silence the snitch from talking to the police whilst why police are trying to get him to safety. Again this like rescue, you get one life before you sit out until the next round if you’re a fan of this then this is the mode for you.


Nothing really much to say on this mode it’s your typical battlefield mode that we have seen for years capture points and hold them until your enemy has run out of tickets. Thankfully there are no tanks this year.

Now because this mode is about cops and robbers and mainly has something to do with money. During each game you earn money which you can then use to purchase upgrades for your weapon. Now I liked this new addition because that didn’t mean that I wasn’t getting frustrated that I had unlocked something that I was never going to use. So now battlefield has given me the power to customise my loadouts however I want.

Barrlefield Hardline


9 maps I’ll admit isn’t a lot but I didn’t see them really repeating themselves no matter how long I played the game for again I’ll go through each one as detailed as I can.


The heart of downtown Los Angeles is a jumping environment from the streets to the buildings to the cars are all open to criminal deeds. The police haves aged to shit down the city centre and a heated confrontation is certain to happen. This map is quite good there are many buildings for you to take cover in and also a crane that can rip though a building when destroyed.


This map has one main building on an island. This map is surrounded by tiny islands and water and is connected by bridges and waterways giving you multiple access to the building.


Now this map is something you see out of alligator hunters or something it is mainly water with a bit of land that has oil diggers around it. The main transportation for this map is a hovercraft.

Hollywood Heights

A mansion high up in the Hollywood hills all fighting is mainly in this building. There are many different access points to this building giving you the ability to surprise some unexpected enemies.

The Block

This map is a kind of close quarters map. Two side ally’s that can become a nightmare for anyone who hasn’t brought back up. Also many small buildings for criminals to hide in so watch your back and check those corners properly.

Battlefield HardlineGrow House

Your typical drug growing operation here it has an underground filled up with some marijuana and of course a building on top of it. Be careful of exploding barrels or that room is really going to start smoking.

Dust Bowl

This is a small desert town with many buildings for you to sneak in and out of. Be sure to expect a few buildings giving way in this one.

Bank Job

You guessed it, it’s all takes place In a bank lots of doorways to hide in and also an access point to the roof to fire down on some unsuspecting foes.


Surrounded by trains that can provide you a lot of cover. This map also has a few warehouses and scrap yards that you can fight in. Again many places where you can fight your battle.

New Score 4Coming to the end of this review I can say that I really do like this game I can’t seem to put it down. It’s a real leap forward by changing the type of game that it is. And I beloved it has paid off well for them. Now to wait and see how call of duty to text and to be honest I’m not expecting much from them. So overall I think my love with battlefield is here to stay and I think it’s going to be a long happy relationship ( hopefully better than my last one )

I give this game a 4/5 and I will defiantly still be playing this for many months to come.

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