Scoreboards Updated

This section is for both the Joypad And Me team and the community to post their high scores so that everyone can challenge them for the right to claim the top spot. If you would like to post your score for a game listed then send an email to the site ( and include both the name of the game and any relevent details such as level, difficulty, time etc and also include either a screenshot or a photo of the score as proof and then you will be entered onto the score boards for everyone to see and challenge. Can you hold the top spot and if so, for how long?

If you would like a game to be listed on the score board then contact any of the staff via email or twitter and it will be added ASAP so feel free to add any game you want to and lets build a great community score chase.

SingStar Scoreboard Link

Hitman Absolution Scoreboard Banner

Jetpack Joyride Scoreboard Link

Zen Pinball 2 Scoreboards Link

Super Stardust Delta Scoreboard Link

Gran Turismo 5 Scoreboards Link

Modern Warfare 3 Scoreboards Link

Montezuma Blitz Scoreboard Link


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