Chloe Warburton aka AlienQueen Cosplay Interview

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I go by the name of AlienQueen. My real name is Chloe Warburton, and I’ve been cosplaying over 3 years now. I’m an experienced dressmaker and model, My main hobbies are: I love gaming, films and comics and I mainly cosplay from these genres, I’m currently trying to work for my companies in the gaming industry.

Alien Queen CosplayQ) What was your first experience of seeing cosplay in the gaming community? 

Well when I started moving away from doing Lady Gaga cosplays I started to find more of my niche, I started to discover more about what the gaming community had to offer, I found about Jessica Nigri being the official Juliet Starling for Lollipop Chainsaw, It gave me something to aim for, which was being an official character for a company. My first major gaming con in 2010 which was Eurogamer in London and have been going ever since!

Q) What was it about cosplay that got you interested in it?

The whole creative aspect of it, seeing a character come off the page and literally becoming you. I love watching my work coming together and becoming excited to show it to other people. And then of course becoming someone else in costume it gives you a lot of confidence.

Q) What was your first cosplay outfit and why did you choose that particular character?

Haha, well Lady Gaga, as I love her, and she’s very creative, she was my comfort zone at that point so I chucked something together to try out my first Con in 2010 May MCM Expo.

Q) What factors got you hooked with cosplay and what made you decide to create more lavish outfits?

So it’s either I love the character, or they’re connected my childhood in some way. I used to watch my brother play a lot of PC games, and I used to play also. Sometimes it can be purely their design, especially the more over the top designs, even before I knew what cosplay was I had to stick out from the others, and even though its hard to be different in cosplay, I still like to choose characters that aren’t done often or lavish. I’m very picky about the finish of my cosplays and the photos I get.

Q) Have you had a personal favourite character that you have cosplayed as and if so, what made it so?

Hard one, I’m normally into the character I’m current;y making next. I guess the cosplay that holds the most meaning to me is probably my Alien Queen cosplay, I have loved the design of the creature since secondary school, she’s also my Alias. To make her come alive was a dream come true. She took a lot of courage to start making, but I managed in a month and I’m proud of it.
Alien Queen Cosplay

Q) How long does it take you to design and create the majority of your character pieces on average? Has there been any Exceedingly long creations?

It depends on how complicated the cosplay is. Some can take from a week to over a month. There hasn’t been any so far because my skills have got better and I only choose what I know I can make.  I’m planning to change that for next year, as I’m starting to use other materials which are giving me less boundaries, I have some big things I’d like to create next year.

Cosplay 1

Q) There must be a financial investment when it comes to some of these outfits, have any been fairly extravagant?

Yep all the time, my Tira from Soul Calibur 5 cost a lot. because I got the hoop and gauntlets commissioned, and with everything else, probably cost up to £400.
Alien Queen Cosplay

Q) What have been the reactions to you and cosplayers in general that you have seen from public both at conventions and elsewhere in public?

Generally very good, a lot of people are always very curious in public about what I do, and always think I’m being paid to do it! I know I get attention at cons because my cosplay choices and some guys can get a bit too close but it doesn’t bother me, you know its going to happen.

Alien Queen CosplayQ) Cosplay seems to have taken off more in the past few years, do you have any thoughts as to why this might be?

It certainly has, I think it’s becoming more mainstream because it’s being shown in the media more. Whether it’s through TV, gaming or social networking sites, it’s definitely being noticed more.

Q) Some of your outfits can be considered quite risqué, do you have any personal feelings before you decide to become a character with a risqué outfit? Are there limits?

I’ve always felt more comfortable being in risqué outfits, it’s the just the way I am, I have my boundaries, and like to go for things that will suite me, I don’t like to make alterations, so I choose outfits I can stay as accurate as possible with, I will never make a cosplay more revealing that it already is.

Q) There seems to be far more female cosplayers around compared to males. Are there any reasons for this do you think considering in recent months there has been a lot of talk about the majority of games having male character leads and a supposed lack of strong female lead character? Surely with more male characters you would expect to see more male cosplayers?

I think there are more females cosplaying because of the processes of what cosplay involves, like sewing, make up and wigs. It’s a good question because there are far more female characters wearing less, so you’d think females would be put off by that, but its the opposite. I also think males get put off by the attention the females get. its far easier for a female to get skin out and get noticed, whereas a male who works really hard on a costume will still barely get attention compared to the female  if you see what I’m getting at? Its sad, because I’d like to see more males in the community cosplaying.

Alien Queen Cosplay

Q) How do you see cosplay in general evolving in the future? are there areas that it can expand into and are there more lavish character to be explored?

Cosplay will always get bigger and better. People are always finding ways to create things easier and are being able to obtain more materials. You wonder why people are not in the film industry, the talent I’ve seen is absolutely astonishing!

Q) Do you have any words of advice for anyone wanting to get into cosplay or wanting to step up a gear in regards to their outfits and the characters they want to portray.

Please don’t be put off by more experienced cosplayers. Do it because you love your fandom. Either start with something simpler and build up to your dream cosplay, or throw yourself into something really complicated and really push yourself to learn to make things you never have before! There is so much help online that anything is possible, and enjoy doing it with other people!

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