Tritton AX720 ‘Limited Edition Call Of Duty Black Ops Edition’ Headset

Tritton pride themselves on their ability to create some of the best gaming headsets available on the market. With a range that encompasses both the small Bluetooth communication mic to the full on hardcore gaming headsets. Style, quality and performance are 3 terms that are used to describe their headsets.


The set comes with a great quality carry case. It’s tough, made to fit the headset, all the cables and everything else this set gives you. This is something that Tritton should add to all their headsets as it gives it a great mobile feel, you can go to a friend’s house and continue to have your top class headset with you for unbeatable audio in gaming. A carry case for each of their headsets would be a great idea but so far this isn’t happening, The Call of Duty Black Ops headset stands out as a fully thought out and well put together package.

Everything included in the box – Dolby decoder box, Microphone, spare pads and top cushion, every conceivable connecting wire possible apart from one that I would have liked to have been included. A wire to connect this headset to an MP3 player or iPod would have been great but was lacking in the box. This additional cable can be bout separately for as little as £10 so not too bad. It’s a small thing and probably not what everyone would want to use them for but it’s a nice additional ability that these headsets have.

The technical specs for this headset are somewhat confusing from inspecting the Tritton Website and other retailers. Some state this headset as a ‘True Dolby 5.1 surround sound’ and others state that this is ‘virtual 5.1 surround sound’. After some clarification from Tritton I found out that there in fact two versions of this branded headset although the only one I could find and the one that is on review here is the ‘virtual 5.1 surround sound’ headset. Although not ‘True’ surround sound this is an impressive headset that on paper at least should be perfect for virtually any console gamer.

This is the Call of Duty Black Ops edition and as such has the livery of the game emblazoned on each of the parts. It’s done in a subtle black and grey colour scheme with the Black Ops insignia on each side as well as the inline controller and the Dolby decoder box. Some game related accessories can look too out of place or overly plastered with the related game but this has been done in a careful and well thought out way, it’s a Black Ops headset but you wouldn’t feel out of place playing anything else while wearing them. It looks great when sat next to a console and looks as good as it works.

This headset is the Tritton AX720 and oozes good quality (nb. since release the AX720 has now been upgraded to Virtual 7.1 rather than the virtual 5.1 as these have). The headset itself is made out of good quality feeling plastics and is made to feel strong and robust. The head connector and the ear pieces have nice, soft, padded covers that make this headset comfortable to wear for long periods as well as help secure them to your head in a sturdy yet comfortable way. The inline control cable and decoder box are also made out of good quality plastics and compliment both the headset and any gaming console set up you have. The inline controller is a nicely crafted piece with game volume, audio source, mic mute and voice control buttons placed in a neat and usable way making it very intuitive to use. One addition they could have added to the inline controller is a clip to attach it to your shirt etc so it’s easier to get hold of while gaming but this is a minor issue The Dolby decoder box has the same livery that adorns the headset and looks great without being too overbearing. The box itself feels oddly light but it does exactly what it needs to. The box has the optical input slot to connect it to the console for amazing sound quality. The box also has inputs for two separate headsets just in case someone else decides to challenge your gaming skills. The connections are a preparatory pin connection which personally I would have liked to of seen a USB style connection as pin connectors feel a little more prone to bending or damage but that said, these connectors have a nice metal shroud that will take any bumps and dents before anything gets to the pins.. The wires are all braided and look tough and add to the image of this headset as well as all the ends are gold coated to give a better connection.

The sound quality is very impressive. The second you put them on and start a game you can instantly hear much more around you. You become aware of sounds you don’t normally hear when playing through you TV speakers. While wearing them you can hear footsteps or gun fire more clearly as well as being able to tell much easier which direction it came from. This gives you an instant edge over other players. The sound is perfectly clear and the bass tones feel nice and deep and give you a real sense of depth. The Volume control can take the sound from whisperingly quiet to blisteringly loud so there is plenty of range there for everybody. The headset does an excellent job of re-creating a surround sound effect and everything that comes through the speakers are crisp and clear.

The mic works perfectly as well, there’s not really any other word for it than perfect. It not overly obtrusive and picks up your voice better than anything else I’ve used before. The mic is detachable so if you are in the mood to stay quiet while fragging your enemies then that option is there for you. The mic is made out of a rugged stiff but mouldable rubber with a plastic tip that makes it able to be bent and positioned in exactly the right place for each user.


The only things that I could really find about this headset that I could possibly count as a negative is that they are a little heavy to wear for long periods of time. Only slightly and it’s not that they become uncomfortable, the great pads make sure that never happens, They just have a bit of weight to them due to what is a quality piece of hardware. This is only a minor thing and to be honest, in the time that I have been using them, I’ve got completely used to them. You are aware that you have them on but they don’t cause restricted movement or undue stress to your head and neck. They would also benefit from being PC compatible as well. This set is designed for console only use. There is a matching set that is PC compatible only but a universal set would have made this a perfect all-rounder. If you are however a console only player (and that’s a huge market) then this will not be an issue for you at all. I would suggest though that if you are looking to buy this product that you check the connection details to make sure that you are picking the right edition for your needs.

The Icing On The Cake.

One of the best things that makes Tritton stand out from the rest is their bomb proof 2 year warranty. When I say bomb proof I mean it. If anything breaks or malfunctions on your headset within this 2 YEAR period all you have to do is get in contact with Tritton on their website and let them know what has been broken and the send out a replacement. Let me say this again so it fully sinks in, they send out a new replacement, no questions and no charging for shipping. This is a major bonus to consider when buying a fairly expensive piece of equipment. You are guaranteed that for 2 years no matter what happens to your headset, you can be sure that Tritton will make sure that you have a fully working product. I don’t know many other companies that could claim the same statement.


This headset from Tritton is an excellent piece of kit. It’s tough, looks great, and feels great to wear, packed with features. This is the essential accessory for anyone who likes their audio quality to match their quality gaming experience as well as giving them that added edge when playing games. This combined with the added Tritton warranty is sure to keep you gaming in great sound quality for years to come. This set fits nicely into the price system that Tritton has for its other products as well so you feel as if you are getting what you are paying for in respect to the other headsets in the range. If you don’t already have a headset to play your console games then I would highly recommend this as a fantastic set to get.

Verdict – Highly recommended.

Price  = £109.98 (at time of review)

Graham Coe

(Jedi Junkie)


11 responses to “Tritton AX720 ‘Limited Edition Call Of Duty Black Ops Edition’ Headset

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  2. Contact Tritton customer support for help with parts. What part do you need in particular? Helpull advise about customer support can be found in one of our articles names Tritton And Tribulations.

  3. I cant find this headset, if u know any other site then the tritton site or amazone that have the headset. please let me know

  4. Jay Skojzinki – Amazon are currently out of stock of this particular headset but two options are available to you. You could get the standard edition Tritton AX720 or if you are set on getting the Black Ops edition then Ebay is a great place to look. I just had a quick look and found new and pre owned versions for sale. I have a link for one such new set. Let us know if you pick these up and what you think, heres the link –

  5. Hey man i hope i can still ask something even its a old review. I just bought this Headset.i wanna know if this version has the feature that the trittton logo on earcups is Lightning up and stay on. Also i wanna know How many speakers iT haves i hope you read this

    • hi there, yes its fine to ask any questions and we do try to answer as many as we can. This headset doesn’t have the light up logos even though the plastic used does make you think they might. Would have been a nice additional feature but sadly lacking. As for speakers, It has 2 as far as im aware but im wondering if you mean drivers. If so then it has 4 drivers per earpiece, a front, rear, center and sub.
      As for the mp3 question also asked, in the box they should have provided you with a 3.5mm jack adapter to use for devices like mp3 players, phones etc.

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