Tritton AX Pro Headset

The Tritton AX Pro is the most versatile headset in Tritton’s range. This headset is just at home working with your Playstation 3 or your Xbox 360 as it is working with your PC. This gives you the ability to get the most out of any game you want to play on any system and still have the fantastic sound quality that the Tritton AX Pros’s can provide.


Performance Parts

Tritton manage to pack the box with every cable and accessory you will need including the Dolby decoder box, Microphone, every conceivable connecting wire possible as well as spare ear and head pads. This is a nice touch that you come to expect from Tritton and its quality products.

The build quality of the headset is fantastic. It feels strong and robust with a great quality feel. The ear pads are made of soft and comfortable ‘feux’ leather. They cover your ears well without making you feel crushed or packed in. I’ve tried a few different headsets on and I firmly believe that Tritton headsets are the most comfortable sets out on the market. Even though they are quite bulky, they feel secure without that tight pressing feeling you get from some other headsets. Tritton pride themselves on being the most comfortable and best quality headset and I think that it shows extremely well with this product.

The decoder box is a nice looking piece of kit that fits along with the rest of your gaming hardware well. The decoder box houses all the little tricks that Tritton has packed into this headset to make it the powerhouse that it is. There are controls on the front for adjusting the delay of sound between the front and rear sets of speaker in each cup. You can also switch to Dolby Pro Logic 2 if you so wish as well as being able to alter the dynamic range. All this really adds up to a set that lets you custom tailor the sound just the way you want it. This is a nice collection of features as not everyone likes to hear the same things in the same way. The AX Pro lets you create the surround sound set up that you personally desire. The rear houses all the usual connections for a headset. The decoder box also has two usb style connectors at the front to plug the headset into so both you and another gamer can connect to the same box with a second headset and experience the unbelievable sound quality in the same room together. The box needs its own power supply so that means yet another power wire and plug to add to the ever growing snakes nest of wires and glowing lights hiding behind the TV cabinet but hey, good things need power! You also have the obligatory optical cable sockets and usb connectors. One thing to be aware of is that on the Playstation 3 these need to be connected to one of the usb ports. This isn’t so much of a problem for people with the original style systems with the four usb ports but for the slimmer model with only two ports you may have to do a bit of connecting and unconnecting depending on what else you have running off your Playstation. I personally would recommend getting a usb extender for the front which depending on the model you buy can add between two and four extra usb ports.

The cables are pretty standard plastic coated affairs. Considering the price for this headset I would of like to have seen them be the braided style that you see offered with the AX 720 ‘ Call Of Duty Black Ops’ headset. They have a more robust and classy feel to them. The actual wires themselves are made with gamers in mind. What I mean by that is that they have made them extremely long for gaming across a room. They have also made them with a USB style end that attaches to the decoder box. This feels like a marked improvement on the DIN style attachments on other headsets.

The inline controller is a piece of this package that I have mixed feelings with. On the one hand I like the control and ability it gives you while gaming. The inline controller gives the user the option to adjust the overall volume of both the game sounds as well as the chat sounds. As well as this you are also able to adjust the volume from each speaker in the ear pieces individually. This gives the user a great range of control that is unable on other headsets. On the other hand the version I had felt somewhat cheaply made and plastic. The master volume ‘wheel’ also felt brittle and when pressed it felt loosely attached. The volume sliders on other inline controllers in Tritton’s range feel far superior and I wonder why they decided to go the way they did rather than opting for a different volume control style.

The Tritton AX Pro headset is a ‘True Dolby Digital 5’1 surround sound’ headset. In each side of the headset there 4 separate speakers that give a true surround sound experience. A lot of headsets on the market have a ‘virtual 5.1 surround sound’ experience. This is fine and sounds excellent for most gamers but the true audio lovers want a ‘true 5.1’ experience. The difference between what you’re TV and a ‘virtual’ headphone set can be a big one. The ability to hear things around you that your TV can’t recreate is impressive. That distance between TV speakers and ‘virtual 5.1’ surround sound’ is extended even further with ‘true 5’1 surround sound’. The difference is noticeable instantly. While walking along a battlefield through bushes and trees, you can hear the leaves being pushed away in explicit detail. As a bullet whizzes by you, you can tell which side it passed you, what direction it was coming from and give you a clear indicator where the shooter took the shot. Using a sniper rifle feels much more intense as you can almost feel the blast created as the shot is fired, the echo of the impact when you hit your target and the lowly death screams of your unwitting target falls to the floor. While playing driving games you can tell when someone is coming up behind you without needing to look in the rear view mirror. You can hear which side they intend to pass you on and so block off their overtaking manoeuvre. Using this headset bring a whole new level to your gaming experience and will almost certainly give you an important edge over other gamers.

One feature that the AX Pros have over some other headsets is the ability to hear your own voice over the headset. This doesn’t initially sound like a big feature but after testing other headsets I have found this to be a very useful feature. When using other headsets I have found that because the earpieces cover your entire ear, you find that your own voice sounds very muffled and faint. This can cause you to speak louder or shout unintentionally so that you hear yourself. This doesn’t sound like a big issue but think about it for a second. You are playing your favourite FPS and the game isn’t going so well, you’ve been shot more times than you can remember and now some sneaky little kid that should have been in bed hours ago has just snuck up behind you and stabbed you. You aren’t in the best of moods and using your headset you inform the battlefield of your discontent. Unfortunately you have raised your voice a little too loud and unwittingly you have woken not only your sleeping child upstairs who now begins crying, you have also woken up your partner. This is a very very bad thing that will drastically reduce your gaming time let alone a few other things! You see what I mean by this being an issue that’s worth fixing. The AX Pros allows you to hear your own voice over the earpieces very clearly so that you can now tell the battlefield and your team mates where to go and what to do quietly enough that you can carry on gaming without waking any far more dangerous adversaries than you will find on any FPS. It is a very handy feature that Tritton has added and every gamer with partners or children should thank them for.

Reality Check

Nothing is ever truly perfect and the Tritton AX Pro’s are no exception. They are top level in so many aspects but I have a couple of things that need to be mentioned. The mic is extremely sensitive. It manages to pick up every tiny sound from around the user. In one test I managed to hear my pet dog moving around in the garden while I was 8-10 metres away, on another test it managed to pick up the sound of a moving car 15 metres away through double glazed windows! It also sometimes sounds as if your voice has an echo if the volume is up to high. These are only minor issues that with a bit of fine tuning can be sorted out. The only other slight downside to this headset is the price. This is a top quality headset and unfortunately you don’t get quality for cheap so a premium price is what you have to pay for such audio power.

Tritton Commitment

Tritton have an amazing ace up their sleeve when it comes to their products. They believe in what the make so much that they offer their customers a 2 year warrantee. If anything goes wrong with the headset, the wires, the decoder box or anything else then all they ask you to do is head to their website, let them know what piece went wrong and they will then send you out a replacement part. They do this free of charge! 2 year warrantee and free of charge replacements without long tedious questioning. They don’t even ask for postage. This is a major bonus that Tritton offer and it makes any Tritton product worth considering as you have a guarantee that for at least two years you will have a fantastic surround sound headset that you can depend on.


Well what can I say about the Tritton AX Pro’s? Powerful, packed with features, quality product, unbeatable performance. All these fit the AX Pro’s well. This is a product that true gaming fans will respect as these give you a great gaming edge over your competitors. With these on no one will be able to sneak up on you or take you by surprise. You will now be able to hear the smallest sound from across the battlefield. The only thing you will need to work on is your reaction times to match the increased ability you will have found with this audio superpower. If you are a serious gamer, this is the headset to have with you.

Verdict – Must have!

Price – £149.99 – (at time of review)

Graham Coe

(Jedi Junkie)


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