Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

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Price: £82.99 (Amazon UK)

Compatable Consoles: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

Gaming headsets are fast becoming an essential part of a gamers kit. If you want to have the edge in your game, hear that enemy sneeking up behind you, listening out for that essential sound clue to progress in the game, a quality headset might be just what you need. Sony have a range of PlayStation branded headsets to suit everyones needs. In this case we have the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. When it comes to ease of movement and freedom from restriction then wireless is the only way to go.

Unlike many other gaming headsets you don’t need to suffer from that stress of something like sorting through wires and making sure everything is perfect. Instead you can just dive into the sound of booming action games and movies alike. All you need to do is plug in the USB, flick the switch and confirm your profile and your on your way.

PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo HeadsetDesign

Black and blue with a solid arch around the head and a pair of large cans on each side that can easily be adjusted to fit the way you like. The cans can also fold into the centre on a good set of hinges and loosely click into place making it easier to store using the included pouch. All the controls that come with this headset are all placed on the left side of the headset. You will find a volume button, a mute button, and another button that let’s you set the balance between game audio and multiplayer chat. This headset fits comfortably on the head of the user with large, leather covered ear cans with a silky plush pad up top so it will rest on your head for long periods of time without issue.

Sound quality

Now we all have probably heard bigger and broader sounds from other headsets but for the price of the Gold Wireless headset it puts up a great fight when it comes to games and movies alike. If there was one complaint to be made about this headset it’s that it lacks a largeness of sound and doesn’t have the range of higher end devices which is understandable.

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PlayStation Gold Wireless HeadsetBattery life and connectivity

As I’ve said at the start of this review connecting this headset to your device is just a simple plug in of a USB. Popping on the power switch launches an on screen prompt to assign the headset to the active user. Initially there was no sound at all through the headset so I had to look up the instructions though the sound and screen settings on the PlayStation itself. You need to go to audio output settings, and direct the console to pump all sounds to the headset. Sony promises eight hours of battery life from a charge via it’s micro USB port, which you can link to the front of your playstation console during downtime. You’ll need to make sure to flick the power switch off if you want to avoid battery drain once done playing.


People who are obsessed with looking for top of the range gear and who are willing to spend top doller can find better gaming headset options not to mention devices that that work with a broader array of consoles. For everyone else out there who play on a PlayStation 3 or 4 and want crisp, clear sound with a lot less fuss then this is the headset for you. While functionally very similar to sonys previous entry level headset, I love the newly streamlined build which cuts out unnecessary frills to focus on an attractive and comforable design. Foldable cups make it easier for transport and storage and it also comes with a headphone cable for use with the playstation vita and other audio devices. This headset is very much a winner for me and for the price you can’t really argue with what you get. A nicely refined device that delivers quality virtual surround sound, a built in mic for chatting and strategising with online players, and a nicely comfortable build. This is a pretty amazing deal for playstation gamers.

New Score 4Pros

Great virtual surround sound

Sleek design with comfortable fit

Solid battery life

Excellent value


Surround only for PS3/4

Limited audio tweaking

App isn’t much help.

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