Gioteck EX-O5 Wired Headset review

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The wired/wireless headset debate can create a number of opposing views some warranted and some just due to personal choice. Gioteck have realised this and so created two versions of the EX-05 Headset one wireless and one wired. This allows you to make the choice over what set up suits you best. Within this review I’ll be looking at some of the practicalities of using the wired version of this headset and its specific advantages and disadvantages.

My main focus is always on function but first a quick mention about the styling of the headset. You can tell from the camouflage effect that the military shooter crowd are seen as the typical customer for this product. However it’s from the styling that we can see some of the functional adjustments Gioteck have made.

In the interview we had with Alan Jones of Gioteck we spent some time talking about the desire to keep the headset light and this is most noticeable when taking the headband into account. The EX-05 has a wide light mesh reducing the overall weight but also giving a wider area for that weight to be distributed.

This desire to reduce weight has paid off; I used this headset during our recent Extra Life charity drive. For eight hours I used the EX-05 (with a couple of drink breaks) and they were comfortable to wear. Due to the mesh allowing airflow my head did not sweat and the overall lightness of the headset also stopped any undue pressure being exerted on to my neck.  Coupled with the Micromesh ear cups you can really feel this product was designed for long play sessions. The Cups do feel odd at first especially if your used to the usual leather cups. However after half an hour I was used them and they never bothered me again.

The wired basis of the headset also helps to keep the weight as you do not have heavy batteries to worry about. This also helps you play longer as there is no recharging needed (power drawn directly off of the USB). The connecting cable is long so you should not have any difficulties in using the headset at a distance from your TV. Unfortunately this also comes at a cost as the wire is easily tangled and can be a bit cumbersome. It’s not a big problem but if you will need to continually store the headset away it may become a pain. The wire also has the volume control which has separate analog dials for chat and game audio as well as a mute switch. The control is positioned well in terms of length but it may have been improved with the addition of a clip so it does not drag on the wire.

For a reasonably priced product like this the sound is actually better than I expected. If you have never used a high end headset you will never know the difference however they do not have the fidelity of some of the higher priced headsets on the market. They are also stereo not surround sound but the stereo does work very well and for this price to expect surround sound would be a stretch too far.

Where the sound lacks a bit the microphone pick up is extremely good. Below are links to both a podcast and video where I used the EX-05 and they are both of high quality. This also shows the multifunction of the headset it’s easily adaptable from the PS3 to PC or XBOX360 (Not tried). This kind of duality makes the headset great for multiplatform owners. The set up is not difficult can be tricky on Console (it’s a doddle on PC). The set up instructions are clear and give you various options depending on your set up. Just remember its not an instant plug in and play on first use.

Overall I was impressed with the value for money that this product gives. You will probably not be seeing them used on the MLG circuit but for people who like long play sessions or those who do not like weight on their head then this is a great product to purchase. If the price point was higher then it would start to compete with other headsets that offer more bangs and whistles but for  the RRP of £39.99 (found at price of £30*) this is a very functional product and for a start up set you will probably have to look no further.

For more information on this product and Giotecks other Peripherals and Accessories follow the link

Video commentary using The EX-05 click here

Podcast using the Ex-05 Click Here

*Price on Amazon UK  on the 2nd of November 2012

Paul Fiander (Wellbeingosteo)

Images and review product Courtesy of Gioteck


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