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Gaming peripherals have always been a mix of enjoyment when using but a potential minefield when fitting, storing  and general living with. Cameras for consoles have been around for a long time now and we all have tried many different ways of placing them around the houses to get them to work right and to keep them stable and usable. The latest generation of camera for the PS4 is no exception, with its long thin shape you would think it would be easy to find the right place for it.

GameWare Camera MountFor me, this hasn’t really been the case. Up until recently I had the camera resting on the stand of my tv on a table as many of us do. This has had to change recently due to my young son’s inquisitive nature combined with his destructive capabilities. This meant that the TV has now become wall mounted and thus the issue arose on what to do with the PS4 camera. I could leave it on top of the PS4 in the cabinet but this leaves it open to being picked up or moved about and seemed too low to be used properly. It needed to be raised higher to get the full function out of it. But how to fit it somewhere securely?

GameWare have a camera mount that looked as though it should sort my issue out. I’ve seen this mount for sale for a while but it’s one of those things that if you don’t need it then you don’t bother with it. I’ve also seen the price of the mount vary greatly and in the end I picked it up for £4.99. I have seen it for over 3 times that so look for a sale on if you are looking to buy one.

Getting the camera mount out and looking at it I noticed a couple of things. Firstly the actual camera mount that fits to the camera seemed rather bulky, secondly the tightening and wall mounting part seemed pretty flexible and easily adjustable. Having a quick look at the instructions it was straight forward, slide that camera in the mount and then the adjustable plate in the bottom if needed. The primary camera mount has two screw holes if you intend on fitting it directly flat to the wall which would work for many.

GameWare Camera Mount

GameWare Camera MountPlacement is the trick to the effectiveness of the camera, too low or too high and you don’t get the greatest effect of the camera. Going through the camera set up for the PS4 shows that the optimal hight for the camera is 50cm from the ground. Now this isn’t exactly practical for a lot of situations including mine so the next option is finding the next best place to fit it. I looked at fitting it below my tv or above and how it would best be attached. This is where the adjustable plate comes into its own. The plate consists of 3 sections and two adjustable points giving it a good degree of angles and ways that it can be used. I will say now that I have played about with a couple of positions and haven’t yet fully decided on where I will end up having the camera (at time of writing it’s resting above the tv) but using the adjustable plate you can position it quite easily and once tightened up it does fit fairly securely although obviously screwing it to the wall will make the mount security bulletproof.

What I did find about the mount is that it is bulkier than I would have liked. The PS4 camera fits snugly into the side bracket but the camera is raised off the mount a bit to account for the positioning of the camera up and down on is swivel hinge. This makes the camera and mount look a lot bigger than I would have liked and makes it stand out more. One other issue is one that some may have and others won’t have. Due to the bulkiness of the mount I also found that the camera in the mount is it was fitted to the wall would stand out further than my tv stands out from the wall again making it stand out more than it should in my opinion.  With the PS4 camera being slim and thin I was hoping to have it positioned discretely rather than looking like a stand out feature in the living room. This might not be an issue for some.

GameWare Camera Mount

Scores 3.5Overall, the mount does what it says on the box. The kit includes the mount, screws and fixings as well as instructions on how to fit. The camera mount houses the camera correctly and snugly and still let’s the camera swivel to be used to the best of its ability. The bracket seems to be made out of strong plastic and should last well. I think it’s somewhat bulkier that it needs to be and could be made more discrete. A couple of modifications could make this a great piece of kit. As it stands now, it’s okay and will be fine for some and have its issues for others. What I think the best advice here is that this mount does its job well if you don’t mind it being an obvious addition to your gaming set up. For a more hidden, slim solution then look elsewhere but these solutions will also probably come at a higher price point.

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