Aimon PS Elite Gaming Mouse Review


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So I was once a happy ps3 gamer, dual shock in hand and getting on fairly well. I was playing Battlefield 3 competitively (GB) and one particular game I got spanked and I mean the mother of all losses. Being shot at range from hundreds of metres away, getting turned on at lightning speed. So naturally I asked the opposition how they were achieving such things! He stated that they use a gaming mouse, now me not being one for loosing due to lack of equipment I decided to pursue this further.  After some research, I came across a few options such as the Splitfish FragFX, The Eagle Eye or the Tuact Aimon PS Elite. Now after extensive searching I decided that the Aimon PS elite was the one for me. It’s Nun chuck/Mouse combo seemed a great fit and it had some good comments  on the forums and Amazon.


(The best way to picture the button layout is the nun chuck has everything from the PS button moving left and the mouse has everything from the start button moving right.) Upon arrival it came very neatly packed into a small box (too big for the letterbox though so I would advise waiting in for it).  When opened and powered up the Aimon needs to be calibrated, after downloading and installing the correct driver directly from their website you can set up the dead zones, ADS speed along with a rapid fire function settings. Warning – getting the USB to register in your PC can be tricky and requires some quick finger movements and button pushing (that’s what she said). Once setup you can configure the Aimon to work with certain games and download setups for the specific game accordingly, In this case Battlefield 3.  It will take about 2 weeks to get used to the Aimon especially if you do not PC game, I recommend playing with all of the settings and finding what is right for you!


I have put this mouse through its paces (roughly 500 hours of gameplay) and I have to say WOW. Aimon is built to last and is built really well, comfortable and responds amazingly unlike a mad catz controller. Gunplay and Handling are nothing to be sniffed at and tanks/ground based vehicles work well. The one downside to this is air control is tricky, flying the helicopters and jets is something I have personally found difficult and doesn’t work very well with the jets especially, helicopters can be mastered with some practice.

Overall the mouse works in my favour as I am not a huge Air vehicle player, I tend to run into the thick of things and cause chaos. The increased accuracy, turning speed and ADS work extremely well in these situations. The downsides to having a product like this are the Batteries! Damn it can chew through them but rechargeable batteries solve this and the product also requires a decent mouse mat to play with as the cheaper ones don’t cater for gaming which again is easily solved, I went with the Razer Vespula as it has a wrist cushion and makes things just that more responsive!!


The mouse is primarily built for gunplay and not vehicle control. Although it can cope with ground based vehicles you can clearly see the reason for this product on the market and that’s getting on foot and shooting people. Overall I would have to give this an 8/10 and would recommend buying it expecting improved gunplay and not anything else.

Aaron Chandler


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