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The plethora of gaming enhancing tools from screen to headsets can be a potential minefield. Here you will find JoyPadandMe tested kit. From headsets to controllers we will troll the gaming world to help find you the equipment that can make the difference between a loss or win.

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Consoles / Devices

Sony Xperia Z2 & Z3 Remote Play Feature For PlayStation 4 (Written by Graham)

Gaming fans have had the opportunity to take their favourite pass time on the move for a long time with the likes of Gameboys, PSP’s and more recently mobile phone games and the PS Vita. Until now a lot of these have had their limitations due to file sizes and proprietary cartridges or cards or even uniquely shaped disks in the case of the PSP. Now however there might just be an evolution to this mobile gaming market. Sony Remote Play on your mobile


PlayStation Vita ‘Slim’ ReviewPlaystation Vita Slim (Written by Darren)

Sony released the PlayStation Vita back in late 2011 for Japan and February 2012 for the rest of the world. The successor to the ever-popular PSP. Two years on and with stiff competition from Nintendo and mobile giants such as Apple, Sony have had to find a way of trimming down the PSVita to sell at a more consumer-friendly price. Back in late 2013, Sony announced the PSVita “2000“ series or “slim” as it’s come to be known


Samsung Notebook Series 7 Gamer Preview (Written by Paul)

PC gaming can feel like a game of catch up with games requiring every increasing requirements in order to run at their maximum potential. This makes desktop PC’s more preferable due to the ability to upgrade them slowly over time and so reduce your initial start up costs. Now though Samsung have entered the Series 7 Notebooks to help make the portable computer a choice for your gaming experience. With a high spec package (click the specs link below for the full run down) this 17.3inch gaming platform can fit the bill for running most of the high spec games available on today’s market. This is achieved with a simple to use mode dial which can increase the performance of the notebook to its optimal for gaming.

Oculus Rift VR Impressions (Written by Graham)

JoypadAndMe attended the Play Expo event in Manchester this October along with the guys from A&J’s gaming café in Liverpool. One of the attractions that was there that both Myself and Jaymes desperately wanted to get their hands on was the immersive technology called Oculus Rift. We got a chance to talk to Joe Chen from Oculus about it. Beforehand I managed to get a chance to try out the device and I can safely say that it is all it lives up to be. putting on the headset throws you into a computer generated world like no other device can. I personally tried out the device with the driving game called IRacing. It took a couple of seconds to adjust from one perspective of the outside world to the new perspective of the game.


Love Mei Powerful Mobile Phone Protective Case Review LinkLove Mei ‘Powerful’ Protective Phone Case (Written by Graham)

We all love our mobile phones and most of us take them everywhere we go. Sometimes we don’t realize just how much we have invested in this one piece of kit that we throw about all over the place and leave laying around in some very precarious places. With some handsets costing between £500-£800, it makes sense to give it the best possible protection that we possibly can. Following on from our podcast episode no. 86, listeners will know that I am using the Sony Z5 premium handset. A very nice piece of kit. Listeners will also know that in the past, mobile handsets have a hard life with me. They go through all sorts of trials while at work and home life. With this in mind I decided to go for a case that reflected the potential issues the poor handset might have to ensure.

GameWare PlayStation 4 Camera Mount (Written by Graham)

Gaming peripherals have always been a mix of enjoyment when using but a potential minefield when fitting, storing  and general living with. Cameras for consoles have been around for a long time now and we all have tried many different ways of placing them around the houses to get them to work right and to keep them stable and usable. The latest generation of camera for the PS4 is no exception, with its long thin shape you would think it would be easy to find the right place for it. For me, this hasn’t really been the case. Up until recently I had the camera resting on the stand of my tv on a table as many of us do.


GameWare Analogue Stick Covers Review (Written by Graham)

It seems that an issue that we as part of the latest generation of console gamers have to put up with is early wear and tear on our beloved controllers. There have been reported issues with this dating back to the launch of the consoles and in particular the PlayStation 4. Many people could be found on social media sites complaining about the rubber tops of the analogue sticks coming apart and tearing. One option is to buy a set of analogue stick covers. These are caps that go over the top of the analogue sticks to either replace the damaged tops or to protect them.


Aimon PS Elite Gaming Mouse Review (Written by Aaron)

So I was once a happy ps3 gamer, dual shock in hand and getting on fairly well. I was playing Battlefield 3 competitively (GB) and one particular game I got spanked and I mean the mother of all losses. Being shot at range from hundreds of metres away, getting turned on at lightning speed. So naturally I asked the opposition how they were achieving such things! He stated that they use a gaming mouse, now me not being one for loosing due to lack of equipment I decided to pursue this further.  After some research, I came across the Tuact Aimon PS Elite.


Duracell PS3 Controller Charging Dock Review (Written by Graham)

In this day and age of wireless controllers for our consoles we all suffer a common problem, recharging them. There are hundreds of controller charging docks on the market in all shapes and sizes so which one do you choose. Well Duracell have come up with a charger that may just be the answer to everyone’s needs. Duracell have a controller charger on the market that is a step above the other chargers on the market.


Grip-It Analogue Stick Covers Review (Written by Darren)

Grip-It are silicone rubber covers for video game controller analogue sticks. They are compatible with a range of consoles such as Xbox 360, Xbox One PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. After reading multiple reports of gamer’s PS4 DualShock 4 controllers suffering from accelerated wear and tear, especially on the analogues, Grip-It were brought to my attention through recommendation.



Gioteck AX1-1 PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset (Written by Graham)

Gaming headsets flood the market these days with each manufacturer offering all sorts of quality claims and enticements to get you to use their product over the competition. It can be difficult to see the woods for the trees so to speak when looking for a quality headset out there. Gioteck make a range of headsets to suit everyone’s needs as well as their wallet with sets offering chat only options or full gaming headsets. Graham spends some time chatting online and product testing with one of their offerings here. The AX1-A gaming headset for the PlayStation 4. Marketed at the budget end of the headset market, can the AX1-A compete with the other offerings out there?

Gioteck HCC Mono Chat Headset (Written by Graham)

Communication in video gaming has become more and more important over the years. Team work and strategy is an essential part when it comes to the need to win. How else are you going to tell your team mates that they need to hold point B or go for the flag? In the multiplayer mayhem that is the Virtual battlefield, a team that communicates, wins. In order to do this, headsets are an increasingly essential mainstay of the modern gamer. Gioteck have been making headsets and communication devices for gamers for some time now and have a great range for gamers to choose from to suit everyone’s wallet. The HCC Mono Chat Headset is just such a device.

Gioteck EX-O5 Wired Headset review (Written by Paul)

The wired/wireless headset debate can create a number of opposing views some warranted and some just due to personal choice. Gioteck have realised this and so created two versions of the EX-05 Headset one wireless and one wired. This allows you to make the choice over what set up suits you best. Within this review I’ll be looking at some of the practicalities of using the wired version of this headset and its specific advantages and disadvantages.


Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset (Written by Danny)

Gaming headsets are fast becoming an essential part of a gamers kit. If you want to have the edge in your game, hear that enemy sneeking up behind you, listening out for that essential sound clue to progress in the game, a quality headset might be just what you need. Sony have a range of PlayStation branded headsets to suit everyones needs. In this case we have the PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset. When it comes to ease of movement and freedom from restriction then wireless is the only way to go. Danny takes a look to see just how the PlayStation’s Gold Wireless headset stands up against it’s competition.

Tritton AX Pro Headset (Written by Graham)

The Tritton AX Pro is the most versatile headset in Tritton’s range and one of the most versatile headsets on the market. This headset is just at home working with your Playstation 3 or your Xbox 360 as it is working with your PC. This gives you the ability to get the most out of any game you want to play on any system and still have the fantastic sound quality that the Tritton AX Pros’s can provide.


Tritton AX720 ‘Limited Edition Call Of Duty Black Ops Edition’ Headset (Written by Graham)

Tritton pride themselves on their ability to create some of the best gaming headsets available on the market. With a range that encompasses both the small Bluetooth communication mic to the full on hardcore gaming headsets. Style, quality and performance are 3 terms that are used to describe their headsets. Their Limited Edition Call Of Duty Black Ops headset is no exception to their standards. A headset designed for The CoD gamer.



This Geeks Ce Chic Assassins Creed Unity Phantom Set LinkThis Geek’s Ce Chic: Assassin’s Creed Unity. Phantom Set

Having already had The Assassin’s Creed Unity Arno Coat on my wish-list when writing This Geek’s Ce Chic: Musterbrand Vs Insert Coin, I was ecstatic to see a cheap bundle featuring the Guillotine scarf and Arno Coat together for basically £10 more than the Arno on its own. So I dipped into my savings to buy it and braved the hottest day in July for 10 years to get some interesting photos. Officially licensed by Ubisoft Assassins Creed: Unity Arno Coat and Guillotine scarf form the Phantom Set, which was ordered online from Musterbrand.com and delivered by courier in a brown box, with both items packaged separately in their own clear plastic wallets. I couldn’t wait to get them unpacked and try them on for size.


Media Streaming

Lovefilm (Written by Paul)

The reach of Amazon never ceases to amaze me from being able to buy nappies on its main shopping site to downloading audiobooks on Audible they are able to cover most needs. So when Amazon acquired Lovefilm it seemed they also wanted a share of the media rental market. (ed note – Lovefilm/Amazon no longer rent games)



Netflix (Written by Graham)

As some of you may have noticed, the UK now has access to the tv streaming service ‘Netflix’. The service was activated in the UK on January 9th and after hearing about this sevice from people in the USA i couldnt wait to get my hands on it to see what it was really like and if it is worth having compared to other services available the UK. Netflix is available on pretty much eveey device you can think of.


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