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We all know video games are fun. There’s something so gratifying about completing a level, hitting a high score or gaining that special item you have been seeking for so long. More than this though there is a greater feeling when it comes to gaming. Maxing out your stats, hitting that level cap or finally seeing that much sought after 100%.

The aim we have with this section is to give our viewers some hints and tips on ways in which to get a step ahead in their video gaming campaigns. Our team of writers and reviewers have a varied interest in many different types of game and will do what they can to provide some hints and tips in order to get the most out of your time gaming. With tips on maximizing your XP gain during your time on the battlefield to advise on how to get the most around that racetrack ahead of the competition and help with some of those pesky puzzles that frustrate and confound you. We also have guides on how to complete different games, helping you to get those rare Platinum trophies and 100% achievements markers on your gamer cards.

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