Southern Fried Gameroom Expo 2016 Gallery

Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2016 Banner

This year’s Southern Fried Gaming Expo was a slice of gaming heaven in the heat of summertime in Atlanta. Our staff member Bethany went along to check out this gaming event and to snap a few shots for us all to enjoy even if we couldn’t be there ourselves.

Check out what Bethany had to say about the event by clicking on the link below.

SFGE 2016 Experience by Bethany

SFG 01

Rooms full of arcade machines, pinball tables and games, games, games. Paradise!

SFG 02

Rows upon rows of pinball tables for all to enjoy.

SFG 03

No matter what your age, you can’t resist the excitement of a classic arcade machine.

SFG 04

Show us those dance moves!

SFG 05

You can’t beat a bit of Star Wars at any event!

SFG 06

Plenty of choices put on show to experience for the first time or relive an old favorite.

SFG 07

Some arcade machines are always a firm favorite among fans.

SFG 08

Preston, the brains behind the event.


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