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Retro gaming has been getting more and more popular over the years. The love of old games and reliving memories of the past can be quite addicting to some. Replay Events is a company that hosts one of the best retro gaming events in the UK each year. JoypadAndMe have been lucky enough to attend a few of them and have been very impressed with what we saw. If you have a love of an old console or a particular game then you are sure to find it at one of their events along with a host of consoles, computers and games that you have forgotten about or maybe didn’t even know existed.

Play Expo 2014There were plenty of arcade machines to get to grips with. Puckman is always a personal favourite.

Play Expo 2014 01Dan hones his skills on Time Crisis running on the PlayStation 1.

Play Expo 2014 17A true fan favourite is the ever popular Doom on PC.

Play Expo 2014The event security was firm to say the least!

Play Expo 2014 03Graham and Dan take the wheel in some head to head Sega Rally action.

Play Expo 2014 12

During the event there were no reports of ghosts. Maybe this is why.

Play Expo 2014 16A gamers peripheral dream that is Steel Battalion.

Play Expo 2014 25Glados was on hand to offer you some cake…………..Shhhh……..its a lie.

Play Expo 2014 05Paul getting the scoop on one of the attractions.

Play Expo 2014 15The cosplaying scene stepped up a gear this year with many varied entrants.

Play Expo 2014 10Characters from all around the gaming and silver screen worlds were on hand as people turned up in costume.

Play Expo 2014 Some of the cosplayers were out to have fun and show off their skills.

Play Expo 2014 20For fans of the later and current gen consoles there was also plenty to get to grips with. Many PlayStation 4 consoles were on hand.

Play Expo 2014 06Paul getting suited up for his trip into the matrix…..I mean Virtuality.

Play Expo 2014 08The guys from Just Add Water Inc gave a talk about what they have been working on.

Play Expo 2014 09After having him on the podcast it was great to finally meet Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water Inc.

Play Expo 2014 These cosplayers were some of the most original at the event. It doesn’t cost a fortune to create an interesting and unique cosplay with some imagination.

Play Expo 2014 07

Stepping out from the crowds, Aiden From Watch Dogs could be found here and there.

Play Expo 2014 04Another classic arcade machine on hand was the amazing Afterburner.

Play Expo 2014 19The newest racer to hit the PlayStation 4 was being shown off. Driveclub was available for interested parties to try out.

Play Expo 2014 Winner of the Play Expo in Blackpool returned in a new cosplay outfit. Stacey Satchell had a fun weekend.

Play Expo 2014 14All manor of consoles and computers were set up ready for you to try out or relive some memories on.

Play Expo 2014 13

An arcade machine afficianado’s dream was available for all to play.

Play Expo 2014 21A particular favourite of our team was Bomberman on the Super Nintendo. Multiplayer madness.

Play Expo 2014With more consoles, computers and other gaming goodness its hard to choose what to play next.

if you went to Play Expo in Manchester why not share your thoughts and photos with us. Tell us what you played and what peeked your interest while there? Did you pick up any bargains? Comment below and let us know.





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