EGX 2014 Gallery

EGX 2014 Gallery banner

The EGX event formally known as Eurogamer is the biggest gaming event in the UK and has been steadily growing each and every year. With the biggest and best titles on display and every developer and producer vying for the entrants attention, EGX proves to be a bright and hectic world of gaming brought under one roof. Our team was there this year in Earls Court to get all the news and take in the atmosphere of this huge gathering of all things video game.

EGX 2014Microsoft were eager to show off their upcoming Halo Master Chief Collection which was very popular.

EGX 2014Driveclub was on hand to show off its multiplayer abilities.

EGX2014The guys from Oculus are always happy to show off their latest developments, this time with comfy chairs too.

EGX03PlayStation will be getting a Lara Croft title this year at least. Temple Of Osiris is due in December.

EGX14Battlefield demos are always popular. Hardline was no exception.


EGX 2014 was your chance to take a ride on a Sparrow, or rather at least have your photo taken on one.

EGX2014The team behind Mortal Kombat X were keen to show off their award nominations.

EGX2014The view from on high showed that this year was as busy as previous events.

EGX2014Nintendo were showing off Super Smash Bros on their systems.

EGX2014Nothing beats a bit of zombie bashing. Dead Island 2 was on hand to provide that service.

EGX2014Extremely popular amongst its fans, Kingdom Hearts 2. HD Remix was on display for the PlayStation 3.

EGX2014If you were crazy enough then you could play the horror survival game Alien Isolation whilst using the Oculus Rift headset. Not for the faint hearted!

EGX2014One of the most anticipated titles this year was a popular choice amongst event goers.

EGX2014Darren was particularly drawn to Far Cry 4.

EGX2014Gareth and Darren in pose mode outside Far Cry 4.

EGX2014With plenty to see and plenty to try out, EGX 2014 was yet another hit.


If you were at the EGX 2014 event then we would love to hear your thoughts. What were your stand out games? What would you like to see next year? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.



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