Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Kill Confirmed Tournament Gallery

Call of Duty Tournament

On April 13th 2014 A&J’s gaming café in Liverpool hosted a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Kill Confirmed tournament. Teams of two were pitted against each other in rounds to find the two strongest teams that then battled it out in a one match final. All the matches were closely fought with some tight scorelines. In the end however the team representing JoypadAndMe with our writer Paul Hayden aka Zeronidus secured the victory. Congratulations Paul.P1080401The team representing JoypadAndMe. Paul Hayden and Jaimie Houston,

P1080397Head to head screens ready for battle

P1080398The Call of Duty Tournament Golden Gun was up for grabs again

P1080402Teamwork was the order of the day

P1080408Intimidation tactics did little to put off the competition

P1080409No talking, we’re busy

P1080410I think he just committed suicide here

P1080416As the competition got tougher, the closer to the screens people seemed to get

P1080414Partners in crime. No seriously, their playing was criminal

P1080422Controller – Check, strategy – Check, Sunglasses – Check. Lets do battle!

P1080423Friendly competition was had by all

P1080428You take the left, I’ll take the right

P1080432Things were getting serious

P1080433Then again, maybe not!

P1080440Runners up

P1080441The JoypadAndMe team – Victorious

P1080443Paul Hayden’s Tournament time shirt


P1080448Step away from the trophy!

P1080451Gaming family



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