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Gamers enjoy more than just sitting at home playing games. The community for us is huge. From expos to events, JoypadAndMe will get involved in as many as possible to bring you photos for all to see. Click on the images below to be taken to the relevant gallery. If you have any photos you would like to add then please send them in to this email address:

Southern Fried Gameroom Expo 2016 Link

Play Expo Blackpool 2016 Gallery Link

Play Expo Manchester 2015 Link

EGX 2015 Link

Merseyside ComicCon 2015 Link

Play Expo Blackpol 2015 Link

Play Expo 2014 Link

EGX 2014 Gallery Link

Play Blackpool Gallery

Call of Duty TournamentEXL Gallery frontPlay expo 2013Eurogamer 2013 galleryGuitar Hero Charity NightEurogamer 2012 frontExtraLife 2012 Gallery

Don’t forget, if you want an event or gallery featured here then contact the site at




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