Gran Turismo 5 June 2013

Gran Turismo 5 Gamernight June 2013


Gran Turismo 5 Gamernights

After a short break we are pleased to announce that our Gran Turismo 5 Gamernights are back. With the latest announcement that we will be getting Gran Turismo 6 this year we thought it might be a good idea to wet people s whistles with some fantastic GT5 shenanigans.

As usual we will be holding a mix of events, some competitive and some just for fun.

The Race From Hell

This has always been our top competitive event. A ten lap race around a completely unknown track that will be created an hour before the gamernight starts so no one has any advantage. This race will test the abilities and luck of every competitor as we will be racing under the toughest of conditions. Full weather will be set along with full damage, full tyre wear and refuelling. Will you race off at the start hoping for an early advantage or take the cautious approach and look to make it round in a solid safe manner looking for endurance over sprinting speed?

Race conditions: Full Damage, Weather Changing, Tyre Wear, Refuelling.

Car Restrictions: Production Cars only, No 4WD, PP restricted to 500pp.

Gran Turismo 5

Italian Stallions

Lets see those exotic Italian supercars do their best around the Monza circuit. Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari & Lamborghini go head to head for this luxury spectacular where style will be as important as horsepower.

Car Restrictions: Production Cars Only, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini only, PP restricted to 600pp

Gran Turismo

Le Mans GT

It’s time to let those legendary racing machines pit themselves against each other on one of the most famous race tracks. The Le Mans track is a fantastic mix of speed and cornering precision that will test every driver especially when combined with the power of the GT cars.

Car Restrictions: Race Cars Only: Models available to be confirmed, PP restricted to 650pp

Gran Turismo 5

German Efficiancy

What better racing can you get than honing around the most infamous race track on the planet in some of the most powerful saloon cars available. German cars on a german track seems the ideal choice and what better german manufacturer to blast round the nurburgring in than the BMW.

Car Restrictions: Production Cars Only, BMW manufacturer only.

Gran Turismo 5

Mini Mayhem

Lets all head back to the 1960’s and blast around the streets on London in the most iconic of British cars. The little Mini Cooper is perfectly ideal to race around the tight track and its inherently dangerous tight corners. Race along with the soundtrack to The Italian Job in your mind for the perfect event.

Car Restrictions: Original Mini only.

Gran Turismo 5

Pick Up Truck Dirt Racing

Time for some tale out panel to panel racing in the big boys of the Gran Turismo line up. Climb aboard your pick up trucks and lets hit the dirt tracks to have some fun. You can handle a Nissan Skyline around Spa at 180mph on racing tyres on its nice flat surface but can you handle a Ford F150 on fat dirt tyres around a mountain course? Lets find out.

Car Restrictions: Production Cars Only, Pick Up Trucks only.

We will also be holding a few surprise races as well as a few fun little events including the classic ‘Bumper Car Bonanza’.

Gran Turismo 5

To take part all you have to do is search for the Gran Turismo 5 lobby room called and join or add GCOE20068 to you PSN friends list and state that you want to join in the GT5 gamernight and we will sort out the rest. All manner of driver is welcome. Novice drivers and Expert racers are both welcome to take part and have some fun.

Prize Car Tickets will also be awarded for the best screenshots and videos taken from the gamernight!

Let us know if you are interested in taking part and lets build up some hype.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!


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