Gran Turismo 5 Gamernight No. 10



DATE: 26/01/13

11:00pm (UK Time)

Lobby Room Name =

The next in the series of Gran Turismo 5 gamernights is here for us all to get our racing fix. A new year is hear so lets all get down to some serious racing action with a few new events to suit all racers.  Come and join in a great event which has been growing each month and get the chance to take on friends and competitors in a friendly environment as you chat to friendly fellow gamers over a few hours of driving fun.

The Main Event: The Race From Hell

The main event will see drivers pulling their hair out with panic and stress as we bring back the realism of dangerous racing back to Gran Turismo. In a race filled with pit falls even before the starting light flickers, every driver must pick his or her car very carefully as they will need to balance power and performance with stability and control. Carefull planning will be needed for every corner and every overtaking maneuver. This will test each driver to the limit. A suitable prize awaits the winner. 10 laps on a track never before raced, Damage on, Fuel on, Tyre wear on, Pit stops on, Weather on.

Restrictions – Any production car (performance points limited to 650pp). No 4WD, No All Wheel Drive, No race cars, No track cars, No GT academy cars, No unique cars. Host decision is final.

When there's weather there's always chaos

When there’s weather there’s always chaos

GT5 New DLC Car Showcase

Gran Turismo 5 is still being uspported with amazing DLC. To make it even better this DLC is free. Just in time for this gamernight they have released the brand spanking new 2014 Corvette Stingray. This is a fantastic looking car that brings back some of the heritage and style from the classic stingray and combines it with the modern power and control of the latest and greatest machines. This will be a one car race. The winner will be the Corvette Stingray but who will be the driver??

Restrictions – Corvette Stingray only

The Latest FREE DLC Released: Corvette Stingray

The Latest FREE DLC Released: Corvette Stingray

Super GT Goodness

Here is a chance to get behind the wheel of all those lovely super GT race cars that have previously been sitting in your garage, left out of the GT5 gamernights. Lets put them on the track and let the drivers pit themselves against each other in what will prove to be a close and hard-fought battle.

Restrictions – Super GT cars only (performance points limited to 700pp)

Super GT monsters

Super GT monsters

Running the Bull

This event is one that was created by our fellow team-mate Wellbeingosteo. In the flavour of the Pamplona bull run in Spain he has created a fun and crazy race just like those insane people who want to run in front of an enraged bull with big horns! This will be a 2 lap race around the Madrid circuit with drivers in the powerful and completely insane RedBull X2010 and X2011. The first lap will be lead by a pace car. No driver is allowed to get in front of the pace car, failure to keep behind the pace car will cause you be sent to the back of the pack. Full damage will be on so any scrapes and bangs with other cars will cause unrecoverable damage which will affect your race. On the other hand ‘heavy brake testing’ might give you an advantage. As the pace car peels off at the end of the first lap it will become an all out race to the finish line. First car past the post wins. Contact between cars is allowed.

Restrictions – RedBull X2010/X2011 only. Pace car drivers decision final.

The powerfull and completly insane Redbull X2010

The powerfull and completly insane Redbull X2010

Camero vs Charger vs Mustang

Three American companies have been waging a war that dates back decades. Each company has created monster of a car which they have tuned, tweaked, modified and evolved over the years with the sole purpose of being the fastest. These three companies have poured more and more horsepower into the mix and have created cars that are the envy of many drivers. These three companies are Chevrolet with their Camero, Dodge with their Charger and Ford with their Mustang. In this event we will have an all out street fight to see which comes out on top. Be it the older models or the newer versions, one of these will stand on the top of the podium proud. Which will it be?

Any production Chevrolet Camero, Dodge Charger or Ford Mustang (PP restricted to 600)

The of the most stunning powerhouses of American muscle that can be found

Daytona Drama

In a change to the norm, this event will see the use of a series of cars not normally seen at JoypadAndMe gamernights. We will re-create the Nascar event although slightly shorter with a 15 lap battle around the Daytona Nascar track. With the cars being equal all that’s left to separate the winner from last place is the drivers skill and cunning.

Restrictions – Nascar only

Sometimes races are won by a fraction of a second

Sometimes races are won by a fraction of a second

More races will take place and feel free to contact me with ideas or requests.

Basic rules will apply ie, no race cars or unique cars, production models only unless otherwise stipulated. Some races will be BHP or PP restricted so check the description of the events. Prize cars will be given out for various race wins as well as other more unique reasons

Come along and take part, there are races for all competitors so if you consider yourself a world-class racer or you can’t find second gear still come along and have fun.

If you need any details please contact me via twitter (@Jedi_JunkieBRB), Email (JediJunkieForce@Gmail) or PSN (GCOE20068)


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