Gran Turismo 5 Gamernight (July 2013)

Gran Turismo Gamernight

In the build up to the release later this year why not hone your skills with the current iteration of the Gran Turismo franchise. In our ever popular GT5 gamernight series we take to the tracks in all manner of cars. From tuned hyper cars to lowly wrecks and some madcap designs in between we go deep into our garages and find some hidden gems while having fun and competition on the virtual raceways. Be you a racing professional or a newcomer getting used to your racing gloves, all are welcome at our gamernights where you will find a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone is helpful and willing to share tips and tricks as well as friendly banter.

Why not check out the events we have planned for this upcoming GT5 gamernight below.

The Race From Hell

This has always been our top competitive event. A ten lap race around a completely unknown track that will be created an hour before the gamernight starts so no one has any advantage. This race will test the abilities and luck of every competitor as we will be racing under the toughest of conditions. Full weather will be set along with full damage, full tyre wear and refuelling. Will you race off at the start hoping for an early advantage or take the cautious approach and look to make it round in a solid safe manner looking for endurance over sprinting speed?

Race conditions: Full Damage, Weather Changing, Tyre Wear, Refuelling.

Car Restrictions: Production Cars only, RWD Only, PP restricted to 600pp.

Gran Turismo 5 F40 Fantasies

One of the most iconic sports cars takes to the track in this festival of speed. The Ferrari F40 is the epitome of power, performance and endless style. For this event we celebrate the F40 in style with a lineup at the grid of pure prancing horses. Why not stand out from the crowd and race in a personally painted F40.

Race conditions: Temporary Damage.

Car Restrictions: Ferrari F40 only, Tuning, Colour schemes are owners choice.

Gran Turismo 5 Lamboghini vs Ferrari

Prancing Horse vs Raging Bull. Two of Italy’s finest have been locked in a performance battle for decades. One tends towards sleek sophistication while the other indulges passion. Both are and equal match for each other on both the road and the track. Which will you choose?

Car Restrictions: Production Cars only, Ferrari and Lamborghini only, PP restricted to 600pp.

Gran Turismo 5 Caterham Carnivale

There is something to be said for stripping back all the fineries of modern-day cars and getting back to the heart of what racing is all about, speed, accuracy and handling. Many cars try to get this right and many fail. Caterham have stood out since the beginning as one of the best if not the best, Lightweight, agile, punchy. This will be a test of drivers abilities. One make, no driving aids, who will come out on top?

Race conditions: All driving aids switched off.

Car Restrictions: Production Caterham.

Gran Turismo 5 Muscle Car Mayhem

The americans know how to make a car roar. Big, loud, aggressive if a little unstable round corners. American muscle cars have always attracted petrol heads. Old or new, they have an attraction that can’t be denied. Are you a fan of the golden age of muscle or the modern reincarnations? Take to the track and lets find out who can hold on the longest.

Race conditions: Leguna Seca Track

Car Restrictions: Production Cars only, American Muscle Cars Only, PP restricted to 550pp.


To take part all you have to do is search for the Gran Turismo 5 lobby room called and join or add GCOE20068 to you PSN friends list and state that you want to join in the GT5 gamernight and we will sort out the rest. All manner of driver is welcome. Novice drivers and Expert racers are both welcome to take part and have some fun.

Prize Car Tickets will also be awarded for the best screenshots and videos taken from the gamernight!

Let us know if you are interested in taking part and lets build up some hype.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!


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