Battlefield 3 Nights

Tuesday nights have become a standing engagement for me and a few other players so now these nights are reserved for Battlefield 3 on the PS3. These informal get together run from 10 pm to 12 pm GMT (always goes on a bit longer if we are playing a map we like).

If you’re a novice or 100 Star veteran we would love you to join us for some hard PTFOing (PTFO = Play the F@*^ing objective) a bit of banter and a lot of explosions.

If you want to join add wellbeingosteo on PSN and we’ll see you on the Battlefield. We will be using the JPAM clan tag.

Just to let you know we have created a Platoon you can join here;

If there are enough of us that join then we will look into renting our own servers.


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