AK’s Battlefield. Gamernight no. 01

2013’s First BF3 AK’s Special Gamernight!
Battlefield 3

Saturday the 2nd March

10:00pm (UK time)

So it has been a long time coming and we are finally there! The first BF3 special gamernight is here.
Aside from the usual play styles you are all familiar with, this gamernight will include such shinnanigans as dogtag stealing, C4 only, EOD bot wars!

Now when is this fine evening do you ask? Well it will be held on Saturday the 2nd of March from 10pm until late! All you will need to do is search JoypadAndMe in your server browser and hop in!

Battlefield 3

Examples of game modes being played are:

EOD bot wars:
Squad team deathmatch, first to 25 kills, eod bots only.
That’s right, you find a hiding place and get your BOT out and go hunting. Bot fighting is allowed. It will be held on Noshair Canals and may the best team win.
Battlefield 3

Smokes and Defibs only:
Metro CQ 200% tickets, Smoke grenades and defibrillators only.
Cap that B flag and hold that defensive line. Stick to the designated weapons and get them kills in. smokes kill on a direct impact and defibs kill on a certain sweet spot
Battlefield 3

C4 Only:
Ziba Tower, CQ, 200% tickets.
Get your C4, drop an ammo pack and get detonating. Warning: teamkills and suicides are likely!
Battlefield 3

More game fun will be added towards the time, different party games and ways to kill keep checking here for more info!


To Join in with this event do one of the following:

Search for us in the Battlefield 3 server browser – JoypadAndMe

Add AK to your PSN friends list – siCK_AK

Contact us via our email address – JoypadAndMe@GMail.com

Contact us via twitter – @JoypadAndMe

Battlefield 3

 See you on the battlefield!!


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