Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal

Assassins Creed

Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC Review in Three Parts by @vdjomb

Assassins Creed

Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Xbox360, WiiU, PC, PS3 (reviewed)
Price: £7.99 solus (or as part of Season Pass £25)

After playing my way through The Tyranny of King Washington Part 1: The Infamy and writing my opinions HERE!
The Betrayal opens with a brief “previously on” cut scene introduction as a nice reminder before continuing from where the first ended. Ratohnhaké:ton starts in Boston but without spoilers you’re not yet free to explore the city just yet, whilst starting in a location from the original timeline.

When this part starts you launch in to contending with a cut scene featuring a rather gloating King Washington and early use of the Wolf Spirit power to progress. As you work through the opening chapter with a previous ally from the original timeline you chose to go on another Sky World Journey. Using an under used but beautiful sequence from the original time line but rendered in the now familiar trippy broken Animus style to obtain your next power. Once this is completed you gain the power of the Eagle Spirit granting the power of Eagle Flight and some nice detailing of feather tattoos and head-dress for Ratohnhaké:ton.

Assassins Creed 3

The mechanism is interesting as the look control is used to aim a reticule which highlights in blue as to where you will fly to, by pressing Triangle button you launch in the direction. It can also be pressed again in the air and aim at another area to flight over the original location and land further on. Think of it like a strange double jump which allows you to cover a great distance. The effect is lovely as you turn in to a translucent eagle flapping and swooping to the area you aimed at. This ability can also be used to assassinate enemies called Eagle Strike, when you aim at an enemy you can swoop down from a decent distance and stab them without them knowing what’s hit them. Here comes my bug bear, it doesn’t work properly, due to the limited aiming system, not being able to free aim. The mechanics simply don’t allow you to just pick out an enemy and fly at them, you generally need them to walk under your aim and hope you press the button at the right time to take them out.

Assassins Creed 3

It is a pretty looking effect and the game didn’t slow down, when tied in to the story, it works brilliantly for travel and this new power allows you to having a crack at taking down the almost invincible King Washington. The new power also can be mapped to the Direction Buttons to allow for quick selection, the games missions require you to juggle with the previously gaining Wolf Spirit power. The Eagle Flight also has an effect in your health but not to the same extent as the Wolf Spirit Cloak That said you can’t use it infinitely especially if your chain flying as it takes chunks off your health rather than slowly draining it.
The story does evolve superbly through this episode and Boston looks really nice and familiar whilst being noticeably different from the original game but it’s also limited in size. You don’t get the whole city to explore, but like the first part there is really little point in exploring except for memory fragments. The power works well for getting around the city rapidly and provides some stunning views. The story again aided by quick travel can be bombed through at speed and I found the missions less frustrating than episode one. This could be to do with practice gained from using the Wolf Spirit power previously or the new power I’m not sure. The story is brilliant, including a random game of Draughts with the option to rage quit during it leading to bar fight reminiscent of the opening of Uncharted 3, as well as more twisted visual set piece moments. There’s a couple of “I can’t believe that’s just happened sequences” which are a perfect fit and feel like the time line is trying to correct it self.

Assassins Creed 3

Trophy wise this episode has one less this time round giving you three silvers. One for completing a challenge specific to the new power, one for completing the story, one for another annoying 100% synchronisation. Not great value for trophy hunters but the value comes from the story which is progressing at an enjoyable pace again taking about two and a half hours to finish. I will just mention I did find the final assassination is a bit weak in my opinion but a massive battle leading to it was viciously enjoyable.
This middle act still provides no explanation as to how this alternative time line has occurred but it’s enjoyable. This episode reminded me of the superb inFamous 2: Festival of Blood stand alone DLC, not just for the alternative timeline but also due to the flying mechanic.

Assassins Creed 3Based on what I’ve seen there are a few things I hoping for the final piece of DLC, a sailing mission could be quite nice, an explanation as to how King Washington gained his power and how this schism occurred. I know there will be another power but I’ve no idea how another Sky World Journey can be worked in to the story but I’m thinking the new power might be strength of a bear. I’m sure King Washington’s Tyranny will be eradicated by Ratohnhaké:ton but will this return the universe to the original time line or will there be any coverage of how an America no longer under a dictator’s power will thrive?

Will the whole package be worth the £23.97? Join me next time for my final opinions of the Assassin’s Creed 3: The Tyranny of King Washington: Part 3 The Redemption and an overall score.

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