South Park Pinball tables


Developer / Publisher: Zen Studios

Platform: PlayStation 3, Play Station 4, PlayStation Vita (via PSN), X Box360, X Box One, WiiU, iOS, Android

Price: Varies depending on Platform and Location.

Zen Studios seem to be on to a real winner with Licences for big franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel for they’re pinball games.

The South Park Pinball table pack is made up of the following two tables:

Super Sweet South Park Table


Is very much in the vain of older styled tables where missions and Hurry ups are activated by hitting lanes and chutes a particular number of times, rather than from a central point.

This table is a laugh riot featuring a lot of aspects from the first season of South Park including one of my personal favourites Mister Hankie. A multi-ball which is unlocked after completing Kyle’s mission and locking three balls in the toilet causing the Christmas Poo to appear on the edge of the toilet and disassemble into 3 brown balls [eww]. All of the boys are present and have there own lane which when their names are lit up active the character specific mission or Hurry Up. Looking like the original cartoon, with signature 2D paper-craft style of the TV show, animating when activated and featuring a plethora of voice samples from the characters. My favourites where the activation of Cartman’s Anal probe prompting visitors to appear, also him eating treasure and explosively excreting the results when hunting Manbearpig, the Top prize for making me laugh goes to Terrance and Phillip who are stood over the bumpers and maniacally laugh like the crazy flappy head Canadians they are. After a prescribed number of hits the will start to break wind at each other, which leads to travelling to Canada for a National Anthem Themed Multi-ball.


There’s an appearance from Chef, along with Batdad and a game of Sarcastaball, you also get the chance to kill Kenny, have Stan kiss Wendy, as well as numerous utterances of “TIMMY!”


A frenetic visual and auditory blast from the launch of the ball to the point when the last ball gutters out.


Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game Table


Is very different in style and features everyone’s favourite innocent tyke from the series, with more of an optional mission based system. Giving you the choice of numerous scenarios familiar to fans of the series. This table is far less OTT than the SSSP table but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without charm. The missions all revolve around Butters and the weird and wonderful world he lives in. From becoming nefarious Captain Chaos and fighting off the Coon and Friends (South Parks answer to The Avengers), a mission with the happiest music ever to permeate from a Zen Pinball table with “Work Mexican, Work”.


It’s more of an open table but that doesn’t stop it being exceptionally fun with Butters donning costumes from the side of the screen including his Vampire outfit. There are a few musical hurry ups and a battles against Ninjas, featuring a plentiful of sound-bites, ranging from the eponymous lead and his class mates. Again the animations are lovely and has one of the best named knowing winks of a trophy with Bike Curious for opening a multi-ball.

“Screw you guys…”


Whilst I’m on the matter of trophies its a good time to mention that these tables feature the easiest 4 trophies I’ve ever encountered on any Zen Pinball table to date. I’d completed all of the requirement within a couple of hours of play, which is unusual.

The only other issue I have is the way the tables use the source material but play it too safe with the subject matter. Unlike Deadpool table or the South Park TV series there’s no bleeped swears, which I understand and keeps the game age appropriate. I feel Zen Studios have a fear of offending, given the themes of the levels are played exceptionally safe. South Park is best known for it’s up to the minute lewd and rude cartoony satire which feels to be sadly lacking in these tables. I’m a little gutted that the variety of characters is somewhat small but I’m hoping this is just the start and MechaStrisand, Satan and the Underpants Gnomes, Mr Garrison will make an appearance soon. I’d love to see the Console Wars Trilogy turned into a table given the fact that this is a multi-platform game and would love a special Colorado Xmas table, featuring the Birthday boy himself.


Don’t take these criticisms as a damning indictment of the game, as it’s a real treat to have two very different tables with diverse themes. Requiring different play styles, that will keep you entertained for hours, beautifully delivering fan service that will keep you absorbed and score-chasing for months to come.

Review Code and screen shots supplied by developer

New Score 4.5

Connor McKervey (@vdjomb)

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for @vdjomb on Twitter

Hull based PlayStation Fanboy, lover of the PSVita, Master Assassin, reviewer, writer and podcaster for @vdjomb on Twitter

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