Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

Tales From Space - Mutant Blob Attacks JoypadAndMe Review

Developer: Drinkbox Studios

Platform: PlayStation Vita

Mutant blobs attack is a launch title for Sony’s new portable gaming system, the Playstation Vita. With so many titles available at launch, why would you pick up this little game. Well the answer is pretty simple. Its awesome!

The developers, Drinkbox Studios have created this following on from their PS3 success Tales From Space: About A Blob and rather than play it safe by releasing it on the same system, they decided to launch on the Vita. This was a great move on their part as Mutant Blobs Attack works really well on the smaller screen. It feels perfectly smooth and its the perfect game to either play all the way through in one or two sittings or play a little at a time while on the move.

You play the part of ‘The Blob’. A fairly cute (for a gelatinous blob) creature originally from space that has been captured and experimented on over and over again. You have become rightfully fed up of this treatment and when an opportunity presents itself, you escape and decide to wreak havok on your captors. You do this by absorbing anything and everything into yourself helping you to grow bigger and bigger. You start by absorbing tiny blocks and coke cans and from there you move up the scale to people, helicopters, tanks and well, everything. While doing this you are also trying to rescue fellow smaller blobs by absorbing them into yourself.


Tales From Space - Mutant Blob Attacks JoypadAndMe Review PageThe game itself is a puzzle game where you start at the beginning of a level and have a range of objects you navigate around, dodge, move or otherwise interact with. The level progression is smooth and never jumps up so high you feel confused or out of your depth when trying to solve how to reach the end. Each level feels so well planned out and arranged that you cant help exploring everywhere to see if there is some secret little space that has either more items or a little friend to absorb. As you progress through the story the levels begin to feel bigger in depth as your size grows and the puzzles grow in complexity as well but never feel impossible. This is the kind of game that both a child and an adult could play and would both feel the same sense of achievement from completing a level.

A couple of the levels also use the PS Vita’s motion sensor ability to turn it into a tilting, rolling level which break the pace up of the game nicely and add another challenge to the game which feels perfectly in keeping with what the game is without feeling like its just doing it because its a new feature on a new system which so many games try to do. A personal favorite of mine has to be the final level. Without giving too much away, its the perfect ending to the game and the perfect way to end the story. After completing this title i did something i don’t usually do, i started from the beginning and played straight through it again purely for the fun of it.


Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a fantasticly fun title. Its cute, fun, has massive amounts of replay ability due to score boards and trying to save all your little friends as well as just the plain experience of playing a game that is exactly what it portrays itself as, a game. It doesn’t try to send a message or comment on today society or push the boundaries of what’s acceptable, its a pure fun game with the same kind of fun entertainment that came from the likes of Mario and Sonic games back in our past.

This title is also extremely well priced especially against a lot of the other titles currently out for the PS Vita. At £5.49 / $8.75 Its very well positioned to be a great addition to anyone’s collection. In the days where DLC for some games can cost easily more, a full, well rounded game for that price is perfect.

All in all i couldn’t recommend this game more. Its something everyone should play as i assure you that once you do, you will love it.

New Scores 5

Graham Coe

Jedi Junkie

Jedi Junkie


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