Peggle 2

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Developer – PopCap

Publisher – EA

Platforms – PS4 (tested), Xbox One

Price – £9.99 / $14.99

peggle2PopCap and EA return to the world of Peggle with 60 brand new levels, new wacky power ups, a vastly improved multiplayer and some new faces to finally deliver this previously Xbox One exclusive to both the PC and PlayStation 4.
Peggle 2 plays almost exactly the same way as it’s predecessor. Your aim is to hit every single orange peg on the board with your ten balls you fire from your cannon. Your only guide is an arrow that shows the trajectory of you ball and in a pin ball style it bounces off of other pegs and obstacles making its way to the abyss below. Each peg you hit on the way down disappears in the next turn and scattered amongst these are pink score multiplying pegs and green power up pegs that make overcoming the level slightly easier.
The only returning character from the original is Bjorn Unicorn, however the new characters are a welcome edition to the game, and the new power ups that each of them has available to use are great too. For instance Berg the Yeti has the ability to freeze the level and this causes each peg to skid across the level as if they were on ice, doing the same to each peg it hits, causing a ripple effect and netting you big scores. My only gripe with the characters is that this game only contains five characters, compared to the originals ten. There are currently two more, however they are locked out as DLC.
Level wise I don’t find this one as challenging as the original. The design of the levels is much more forgiving and you’re not relying on trick shots or rebounds as much as you were before. There are sixty regular levels and each of these has three extra objectives to beat as well as clearing the level. There is also a challenge mode which unlocks after you beat each characters regular levels. These are not to tricky either.
The game looks gorgeous. Lush 2D graphics and super colourful backgrounds and effects really stand out from the first game. The music is also exceptional. Most tracks are remixes of classical music that fit really well with the aesthetics and are so catchy I found myself humming them when not playing.
The multiplayer has also had a huge overhaul. There are multiple game modes and options that really customise your games so that you can play the way you want to, rather than the old style of take it in turns. The matchmaking is really quick and I could always get into a game within 20 seconds.
New Score 4Overall I really enjoyed my time with Peggle 2. It takes the original and does what all the best sequels do, builds upon already solid foundations and doesn’t lose what made it great in the first place. It’s a brilliant sequel and even if you haven’t played the first game I thoroughly recommend picking this one up.
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