Adventure Time: Card Wars

Card Wars

iosDeveloper: Kung Fu Factory

Publisher: Cartoon Network

Platform: iOS

Price: £2.49 / $3.99

If you enjoy the animated series Adventure Time then you surely must have seen the episode ‘Card Wars’. Jake’s favourite trading/battling card game. Kung Fu Factory have taken the show and created their own version of Card Wars. It’s authentic, everything from the official voice actors to the monsters and characters from the show, it’s a fanboys dream.

Card Wars Adventure-Timet’s colourful, the mechanics are well thought out and allow for a surprising amount of depth and strategy. It plays very similar to Magic the Gathering and the Pokemon card games. And for a couple of quid it seems like a great deal.

However the one major flaw to Card Wars is it’s not very publicised ‘free to play model’. Essentially your given energy that you spend on playing the campaign mode. Each battle consumes a number of energy and you must wait ten minutes per piece for it to replenish. While not a problem in the first few hours of gameplay, it becomes excruciatingly frustrating once you get to about battle 30. It really isn’t necessary and proves to be a genuine pain in the arse when your waiting for energy to refill. I also think it’s a bit cheeky considering the price of the game is well above the average in the first place.

On to the gameplay, it’s your basic card battler. You have four lanes in which you place your creatures and buildings, these are you primary attack and defence units. The object is to reduce your opponent’s life to zero, using creatures to attack. If the lane opposite your creature is empty you attack your opponent directly and they lose HP. If it’s occupied you attack the enemy creature instead.

Card Wars Adventure Time

Buildings buff you creatures attack, defence and heal them. You also have an arsenal of spells at your disposal. These add a great mix to the combat. You can damage enemy creatures, lower their stats, prevent then from acting, or even destroy everything on the board! Everything costs Magic Points and you get 5 per turn.

card warsAfter beating the likes of Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and the Earl of Lemongarb you unlock their hero cards. This essentially lets you play as one of them. You also unlock random cards through treasure chests you obtain in battle. You can craft cards by combining two or more of your deck and you can use Gems which you get from beating challenges to unlock rare cards from a random ‘pachinko’ like machine.

There is however micro transactions attached to the gems and it seems there is only a certain amount you can get during normal play. It’s enough to unlock every card however because of the randomness of the pachinko machine you could in theory not finish your collection. This with some minor bugs that are causing a few hard crashes (being fixed in a soon to be released patch) dampen what is otherwise a solid game with a huge amount of fan service attached.

If your into Adventure Time you’ll most certainly enjoy ‘Card Wars’. If you’re not, it’s still a solid trading card game, but time barriers and bugs can be a huge put off. I enjoyed it for what it is and got a good 14 hours gameplay before I lost interest.

Updated Scores 3Gareth Davis




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