Grid 2 (PC)

Grid 2

Version Tested: PC

Steam £29.99

I loved the original Race Driver: GRID back in 2008. It was a master class in fast paced semi sim racing and will always remain one of my favourite racers.

GRID 2 is more of the same but with a few new toys chucked in for good measure. Namely a couple new additions to the race line up with Checkpoint racing, not a new idea admittedly but it does not feel out of place. Overtake, which has you overtaking as many cars as possible without crashing and thus building up a multiplier in order to beat your opponent and Elimination serve to break up the monotonous circuit and point to point races.

Grid 2

The other addition is what is known as LiveRoutes, this is essentially a dynamically changing route through a city track, and a race that you will need to keep a cool head on to finish out in front.

Other than the above it, it is a standard affair of circuit, street and point to point racing which is linked together with a career mode which has you win races in The Americas, Europe and Asia and recruit race clubs to join your World Series Racing.

As you can imagine, the locals your race through are breathtaking, from the sunny coast of California to the city streets of Dubai. The only downside is that you’re travelling too fast to take it all in but you will catch glimpses of stunning beauty as you tear around a corner at 90mph.

Grid 2


Sadly there is no sign of a team mate this time round and the “currency” system consists of how many fans you have but it is not as satisfying as seeing a cold card cash number and working toward purchasing that supercar you’ve had your eye on, instead new vehicles are given to you and this is far from satisfying.

The handling model this time round is again, leaning towards the arcade with a sense of weight when driving hard and braking late but it is a bit too easy to fling your car sideways round a hairpin, and with no sign of driving aids you won’t be able to set up your car how you like it. One added bonus is the inclusion of vehicle customisation, it may not be as in depth as Forza but it is nice to take your car to multi-player and show off your artistic side.

Grid 2

Lastly, but by no means least is the audio, this is simply stunning and Codemasters sound engineers deserve recognition. From the roaring of the engines to the tyre squeal made from drifting everything sounds natural and the dramatic music that hits when you’re close to the finish line or during a pivotal moment is fantastic.

This is one of the most fun racers on the market and is easily recommended to any race fan.

Ryan BurchettNew Score 4


SouthEast Jedi


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