Fifa 13

Fifa 13

Another year and another FIFA. Every year we see the world’s best football game improving in some way. This year there has been a number of additions to make this game feel more authentic but yet more enjoyable.

One of the new additions to FIFA 13 is the new first touch control. You are no longer guaranteed a perfect first touch to get beyond a defender, also you cannot just run on to each pass and burst past defenders because many times the player will not have the best control of the ball and the defender could quickly come in and snatch the ball away from you. You may think that this addition is one of the worst that EA could put into the game but week in and week out professional footballers all around the world all take a heavy touch from time to time. Several factors come into play when taking the first touch which can be spin on the ball, power of the pass. After a few games you will soon start to get the hang of the first touch control and surely be on your way to being at your best.

Fifa 13

In FIFA 12 we saw ‘tactical defending’ come into play but in FIFA 13 EA have decided to improve you’re attacking options. In FIFA STREET we saw the players being able to dribble the ball using both triggers this takes some time to get used to it and know when it’s appropriate to use it to get past defenders. The attacking AI has also been improved because now other players will make runs to try to get behind the defenders so you can they play the ball to them or they will run in a direction to take a defender out of your way which could lead to a chance for you being through on goal. The AI will also check their runs so they are not offside, in many FIFA games I cannot tell you how many times I have raged at a player for just running offside without a care in the world. So it is good to see that this problem has been dealt with. Again this depends on how good the players are for example ‘attacking intelligence’.

This game feels more realistic than ever due to the ‘impact engine’ last year we had to suffer with the silly body collisions that sent your player flying through the air. The feeling of the physicality of some players due to their size and weight really gives you a proper battle for the ball which we are used to seeing every week on the telly. Graphically the game hasn’t improved much but does benefit from the new animations, basically players recover from challenges and react in situations as they would in real life, sliding to keep a ball in play little things like that just help sell the illusion that little bit more.

Fifa 13

Game Modes

Be A Pro, Manager Mode, Ultimate Team. I have become tired of just seeing those types of game modes but God has answered my prayers and now there is a new game mode ‘Skill Games’. Skill Games are a really fun addition covering all the fundamentals of the game, from crossing to passing to shooting. It even lets you get up to speed with the game’s new tactical free kicks in which you can use decoy runners. Each discipline has different bronze, silver, and gold challenges. They’re not much a teaching aid, however, more an opportunity to practice and commit key skills to muscle memory. Once you’ve earned your stripes, a ‘Skill Challenge’ is unlocked for that discipline allowing you to post a high score to share with your friends.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is a game mode where you can create a team that suits you best. But a few things come into play. Nationality, formation, favourite position ECT. I have an Ultimate Team and mine is built up of players from the Barclays Premier League because personally I think that the league has the best players and it’s my favourite league. When you start of you get a ‘starter pack’. There is an offline seasons mode or online seasons mode there is also online tournaments or offline tournaments. I prefer online because I like to see other people’s teams instead of the normal offline mode teams. When you win matches you get coins which can help you buy more players from the ‘auction house’. In this ‘auction house’ you can search for players that interest you and that you think he will help your team. Prices are different due to the players rating for example many players rated 88 or over can be up to 100K depending on what the owner has put him up for. Also when you play games players use up contracts so you also have to keep buying them in the ‘auction house’. Also players lose fitness depending on how many games you play them without rest. But you can also buy fitness cards for them if your think they are too important to leave out of your team. The season’s mode in ultimate team is only 5 divisions but you get coins from winning the league, promotion to the next or surviving relegation so you will start to build up your money.

Head To Head Seasons

We saw this feature introduced in FIFA 12 and this is by far my favourite game mode. There are 10 divisions and you can be any team you want and fight to get to division 1. One new thing that EA have introduced is when you pick your team and formation the game will save so that you don’t have to do it all again after your game. It even does it if you choose a different team for the next match and you can always come back to the team you chose, this was great for me because I like to keep changing what team I go for and it is a real time saver and takes the frustration out of doing every single time. In my opinion this is by far the best FIFA game of all time. The new additions really make me feel like I am part of a real football game. Battles all over the pitch, the runs the attackers make, the addiction of trying to get to division one in everything and beating your mates scores in the ‘Skill Games’.

Fifa 13

Be A Pro

In this mode you can create your very own player. You can make him look like whatever you want but some looks are locked due to you not completing the requirements yet. You can start off at any club you like and head straight into it. At the start of your career you will receive a message from the boss himself telling you what he wants you to achieve over the coming season. Shortly after that you will get another message from him saying he has placed you on the loan out list to gain experience. Pretty much what we see in football today. Sooner or later offers will come in, don’t expect big clubs to start buying you. You are only going to get offers from teams in the lower leagues earning no more than £2,000. This made me quite happy to be going out on loan because I would no longer be taking top players places on the field. For example if I go to Liverpool I would just take Luis Suarez’s place which is just unbelievable. So it’s nice to see that EA have added this feature in. You will go on loan for a full season before returning to your 1st club. Depending on how well you have done will decide whether you will stay and play or go back out on loan. So it’s really down to you how you want to progress, you play better, the better your players become and the more chance of you getting a big deal is inevitable.


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